AYM Mountain Yoga Retreat


My girl, Althea Thompson,  and fellow rattler (you see we both attended Florida A&M University) stepped out there and left corporate America to start her journey to her new life.  Brave if you ask me and it has paid off.  She is offering her latest retreat up in the hills of North Georgia where you can find balance, peace and hours to yourself to be inside yourself.  The overall cost is not much considering it includes:

  • 3 nights of 2 to a bedroom double bed accommodations w/ mountain view
  • All meals included – breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday buffet
  • Yoga, hiking, journaling and meditation sessions

$550 is the total cost and that sounds like a great value!


There are options to get a single room for minimum cost.  If you are interested in learning more click HERE!  I know I am considering going on this OM trip so I can relax, relate and release!!!!

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