All About Those Planks Workout

All About Those Planks Workout

Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 via Tapinfluence.  As always all opinions are my very own and this workout was supplied by my certified personal trainer Heather Brooke Malone Wolf.

You know what time it is around here – workout time.  I have had a lot of fun trying some of these FREE workout apps as well as downloading new workout music.  If you are anything like me you know in order to get and stay amped up for the workout, music is one great way to make that happen.  My only way of listening to music while I am outdoors running, indoor running on the treadmill or working out in the home or brick and mortar gym is via my mobile phone.

Now, with all of that activity and having my phone there with me constantly it makes sense that that bad boy is able to withstand some hustle and bustle of me putting it in and out of my gym bag, strapping it on my arm for my workouts or picking it up and down to look at the next move of a workout I’m doing on a workout app.

Gorilla Glass 4 is the toughest cover glass out there and helps prevent cracks and broken screens (because we all know that makes it hard to swipe to the next song, next exercise movement or to look at period).

A few times due to my clumsiness my phone has slipped out of my hands but thank goodness for Gorilla Glass 4 because I have not suffered any cracks or breaks. PHEW!

Let me showcase one of the toughest workouts I completed previously with my certified personal trainer.  I call it the “All About Those Planks” workout.  It looks easy enough but it sneaks up on you and you will feel it the next day.

You will need the following equipment:

  • Bench
  • Dumbbells
  • Water
  • Towel

All About Those Planks workout routine

As you can see I feel really good about my workout and the durability of my mobile phone secured with Gorilla Glass 4.  That’s because there’s less of a chance of it sustaining damage if it slips or falls out of the holder or off the equipment, on that hard floor, as I exercise or pick it up and down checking for the next exercise movement.   Find out if YOUR mobile phone has Gorilla Glass 4 by checking here  —>

What’s your favorite workout?

Do you work out with your phone?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Corning® Gorilla® Glass. The opinions and text are all mine.

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    Jamaica King
    October 10, 2015 (7:03 am)

    Decline push ups…I have a love-hate relationship with those ones.