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5 Ways to Prioritize Self-Care and Reach Your Goals

Take this 30-Day Movement, Meditation and Meals challenge to reinvigorate, rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body and spirit. #meditation #fitnesschallenge #3mchallenge #movement #healthymeals #goodhealth #detox #fasting #wellness #mentalhealth #selfcare

30-Day Movement, Meditation and Meals Challenge

Join us for 30 days as we complete the 3M | Movement, Meditation and Meals challenge. It seems all seasons and every time of the year is busy so this challenge is to help you reset on your fitness journey.  We are challenging you, for the next 30 days to complete at least 30 minutes of movement, 3 minutes of meditation and consume 3 ...

Four Golden Rules For Stressing Less After Giving Birth

Follow these tried and true 4 golden rules to help you stress less after giving birth to your beautiful bundle of joy. Having a baby is a big deal, but the work isn't over after delivery. Next comes that tricky period when moms are recovering and babies are learning to exist in this new world. With these four golden rules from Femme Fitale ...