An Introduction To Essential Oils

Take Essential Oils 101 and learn how they can be incorporated into your self care, wellness, moods, fitness and fitness journey.

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Aromatherapy is the scientific study and art of preventing and treating infections with essences extracted from various plants. This type of therapy is also known as a holistic approach because it does not target the patient’s body only, but also the mind and soul.

Although the Chinese were using these special properties for thousands of years, French scientist Rene Maurice Gatte Fosse has introduced the concept of aromatherapy in 1926. Ever since then, this industry has skyrocketed.

These days, you can use such essences via oil diffusers or just apply them directly on the skin.

What Essential Oils Actually Are

Essential Oils

Essential oils are aromatic substances derived from plants.  They are up to 100 times more powerful than dry herbs.

Steam distillation is the most common option to extract them.

These oils can be extracted from leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, fruits and other parts. Some of them require more raw material than others. For example, you might need about four tons of roses to obtain a kilo of oil.

On the other hand, you only require 100 kilos of rosemary to get a kilo of oil. This is also what makes some oils more expensive than others.

Given their chemical structure, they are capable of penetrating cell walls, so they transport more oxygen and nutrients to the inside. They are entirely natural, so the individual reaction of the body cannot be thoroughly anticipated.

Aromatherapy is an alternative method that targets the sense of smell, as well as the mind and emotions. Patients who rely on this method should rely on those oils whose aromas feel appealing.

Even the most efficient oil becomes worthless if the patient cannot appreciate the smell.

Essential oils can seriously change the atmosphere when delivered through oil diffusers. They make it calmer and more stimulating. Obviously, it depends on what kind of oil you use.

Moreover, essential oils add negative ions to the air, which provide even more benefits.

Different Oils for Different Effects

When not sure what kind of oils to put into your oil diffusers, a little education can become quite handy. If you are looking for happiness and a good mood, choose basil, orange, lime and geranium.

How about your office?

You obviously want energy and productivity.  At this level, stick to eucalyptus, black pepper, lemon, basil and juniper.

People who want happiness will achieve an outstanding mood with sandalwood, ylang ylang, rose and neroli.

On the other hand, those interested in a peaceful and relaxing environment should choose frankincense, rose, myrrh and bergamot.

Cypress and juniper underline creativity, for instance. Lavender, pine and sandalwood work on the confidence, which is just as important.

Essential Oils For Weight Loss

There are 5 basic essential oils that help support effective weight loss.  Breathing in lemon oil can help  improve the neurological activity that promotes the breakdown of body fat.  Peppermint oil boosts energy which gives you energy for your workouts to maximize them.  

Grapefruit oil helps to activate the enzymes in the body that breakdown body fat.  Ginger helps with digestion and supports a healthy digestive tract so your body absorbs all of the essential nutrients from food.  Last but not least the scent of cinnamon oil helps balance blood sugar levels which helps control cravings.

Last Bit Of Advice

As a last bit of advice to conclude, do not buy random essential oils, put them into your oil diffusers and expect them to work wonders. Instead, take your time to understand your personal needs and make the right decisions.  



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An Introduction to Essential Oils #ylangylang #orangeoil #essentialoil #wellness #selfcare #meditation

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5 Replies to "An Introduction To Essential Oils"

  • comment-avatar
    October 28, 2015 (5:24 am)

    Super interesting!

    I do love essential oils but never really understood how to use them. I always get them added when I get a massage mainly because they smell good-lol.

    Thanks for the info.

  • comment-avatar
    October 28, 2015 (3:06 pm)

    LOVE essential oils! Lemongrass and Lavendar are my favorites.
    Liz recently posted…October FavoritesMy Profile

  • comment-avatar
    Karla October 28, 2015 (11:07 pm)

    I absolutely LOVE essential oils and as their name states they are essential to our well-being!

    My favorites are lavender, mint, orange (great for productivity) and rose. I put a few drops on the diffuser and the entire house smells fab!

    Great share 🙂
    Karla recently posted…Viking River Cruise on the Danube Part 2: Budapest, HungaryMy Profile

  • comment-avatar
    Brenda December 12, 2018 (10:45 am)

    I always wanted to know about essential oils and it was really very difficult to know about it. Thanks for sharing this article and I love it a lot.

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