Women and Weights, the Controversial Couple

Women tend to be hesitant to pick up weights as part of their fitness program but here’s why they can actually help speed up weight loss and build curves.

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Gym used to be a gathering place for men only, an exclusive club for males with the hankering to sculpt their bods. Women managed to find their way into gyms, but still some claimed they didn’t feel really belong there.

And thus, all-female gyms came into being, with some more confident women finding their place in regular gyms as well. However you feel at a gym, there is nothing stopping you from packing on some muscle mass and attacking the weight racks.

Results don’t come easy, as many magazines would have you believe. Find a workout plan that meets your fitness objectives, and be prepared to break some sweat.

Strong and Healthy With Weights

Some people argue that women who lift heavy will get manly and bulky or jeopardize their health. Pay no heed to these rumors, for lifting more weight will only make your muscles stronger and denser. You will not look like Arnie in his bodybuilding days whatever you do – women develop muscles a little differently than men.

Different target places, different curves – in fact, you are more likely to get finely toned and curvy than masculine in any way. Keep it light and all those reps will just enhance your muscle endurance, nothing else.

As you see, there is no reason why men and women of equal stamina should have different training routines. All it takes is confidence and some determination to go all the way. Exercise must become a regular habit, not an occasional gym trip for sweating, ogling and chitchat. Just remember to increase the weights you lift at your own tempo, and look after your health and well-being.

Witness the Fitness

Weightlifting is a great way to achieve confidence and live a long healthy life.  It doesn’t matter whether your objective is to fit into new jeans or to confidently move heavy furniture around. Maybe you just want to feel better about your capabilities, or be able to defend yourself.

There are a lot of good things to be said of weight lifting for women. Most important are the health benefits, since weights reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Furthermore, lifting helps to mitigate the loss of bone mass and osteoporosis as you grow older. This exercise is also a great way to manage and relieve stress, and reduce depression symptoms.

It spurs more effective fat loss than some other exercise routines, believe it or not. Yes, you add size, but burn many calories both during and after the workout. With increased strength and lean muscle mass your body will also use calories more efficiently. So, you will look better for sure.

Just don’t forget that no successful training program is complete without a proper diet. Your body can’t produce all the amino acids and other fuel it needs to get lean and mean on its own.

And lifting weights is hard business, you will need to work at it a bit harder than your male colleagues, and a little help from your dietary friends could take you a long way. Thus, you need to balance your nutrition and take advantage of supplements for your muscle gain needs on a regular basis.

Protein is an essential nutrient because it composes building blocks for the muscle tissue. Namely, casein protein, which works overnight and is not an aggressive “accelerant” is an excellent supporter of long-term muscle growth and tissue recovery.

Multivitamins, on the other hand, boost various body functions and are a great supplement for both exercise and diet, especially since our fruit and veggies have taken a stroll down the GMO side, for life in general, exercise or not.

Is it a man’s world?

Today, men without manners, intimidation of the weight room, myths and nasty rumors are the main culprits behind this notable lack of women in gyms. Despite that, women should not shy away from picking up heavy things.

In fact, this is the only way to build up some muscle mass, stay fit and vital, and what are the odds you are already a maestro at carrying heavy grocery bags around? The best thing about weightlifting is that it has many physical and mental benefits.

Just keep in mind that strong and determined women can rule the gym just as easily as men.

Contributing writer:  Kate Flannery

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