Why You Aren’t Losing Belly Fat and How To Fix It

If you struggle with annoying belly fat, keep reading to learn why you aren’t losing it and how to fix that issue.

If you struggle with annoying belly fat learn how to fix it and get rid of it for good. #bellyfat #weightlosstips #fatlosstips #abs #lovehandles

Let’s talk about belly fat and why you aren’t losing it and how to fix it.  Belly fat, flab abs, gut, these are just a few names people have for their rotund middle section and most women I encounter are unhappy about that situation.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you know that last year I wrote a crazy popular post about “How To Get Rid of Belly Fat For Good” and that is because I was getting a lot of questions from the women in my FREE online fitness accountability group on the subject.

After reviewing that post again almost 2 years later and people reading it with even more questions, I figured it made sense to share more tips on getting rid of the gut.

I’ve already shared what makes up belly fat in that previous post so I won’t be going over that again with this post.  I will build on that so you have a more complete picture of what you can do to address the excess weight you’re carrying around your middle.

These tips are based on my own professional experience as a certified personal trainer as well as speaking to women who successfully eradicated their bellies for nice, smooth, flat abs and compiling what they did to achieve the physique of their dreams.

You’re Consuming Way Too Much Sugar

Sugar is likely the number one culprit for many Americans walking around with their bellies hanging over their belts.  Women should consume no more than 20 grams to 25 grams of sugar A DAY.

Sugar is added to all of our food because the food manufacturers know we love the sweet stuff.

If you start reading labels you will see it is added to just about everything we eat and drink.  It is a MUST though to closely monitor and manage how much sugar you consume daily because if you are on a workout program and are consistent for months and still don’t see any movement around the midsection, the culprit could be your sugar intake.

That means stop consuming soft drinks (they have NO nutritional value whatsoever), ice cream, cakes, cookies, candy, adding sugar to your coffee and/or tea, etc.

Sugar feeds disease and bloats the belly because excess sugar gets stored by the body as fat, typically around the stomach area.  Too much sugar can also lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Dramatically reduce your sugar intake and you should definitely see those flat abs come through.

You Aren’t Managing Portion Sizes

We Americans tend to pile our plates with massive amounts of food, even if we aren’t hungry.

That is a recipe for disaster.  Over consuming calories without expending the same amount of energy or more again, gets stored as fat in all of the areas where you tend to store fat, including the midsection.

If you have trouble figuring out how much to eat, tie a belt loosely around your abs when you sit down to eat, once your stomach swells to where the belt feels tight while eating, back away from the table.

Also you can use your hand to help manage portion sizes (see graphic below).  They even have portion control plates.

You Are Not Eating The Right Carbs To Lose Belly Fat

Carbs get such as bad rap but that is because many people don’t have a clear understanding that carbs are necessary for energy.

Carbs are our bodies’ first source for energy.  Then fat and ultimately protein (you don’t want that to happen, you lose lean muscle mass and burn less calories at rest).

All carbs are not the same.  What you want to avoid are SIMPLE carbs like table sugar, white flour, white rice, white pasta, candy, cake, etc.  The reason being they spike your blood sugar levels and you come crashing down 30 minutes to an hour later hungrier than before you ate the food.

High-sugar fruits like mango and pineapple are better because they have fiber which helps balance out blood sugar BUT if you juice these high sugar fruits or eat them dried, they become straight simple sugar in the form of fructose.

While they have antioxidants and vitamins, fruit derivatives in these forms will spike your blood sugar which is no bueno and especially not good if you are working to lose excess fat from around your abs.

Instead focus on consuming more complex carbs (I like to call them color carbs) such as greens, sweet potato, and oatmeal.

These carbs fuel your body, fill you up with fiber (women should consume at least 25 grams of fiber daily) which keep your fuller longer and are great for the digestion so they help remove any excess bloat which could contribute to an expanding waist line.


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Belly Fat Conclusion

And there you have it, work on cutting sugar, manage portion sizes and eat more complex carbs along with your regular workout routine, 7 to 8 hours of sleep, 74 oz of water a day (minimum) along with stressing less, and you should begin to see your abs get flatter as soon as 90 days of being consistent.

Have you recently reduced your belly fat?  What did you do to achieve flat abs?

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.

Why You Aren't Losing Belly Fat And How To Fix It #bellyfat #weightlosstips #fatlosstips #abs #sixpackabs #womensw (1)

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