Very Berry Cherry Post-Workout Smoothie

Very Berry Cherry Post-Workout Smoothie

And I’m back.  If you recall I introduced a new product I was planning to try for post-workout recovery from intense workouts called Isopure Aminos.  Well I am back with a delicious smoothie recipe you are SURE to love for post-workout recovery because not only is it delicious and made with Isopure Aminos, it is jam packed with antioxidants from the mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries).

I must also say, I have been doing yoga and treadmill incline interval workouts and they both typically leave me sore.  I can happily state that after drinking Isopure Aminos in a smoothie or with plain water in a shaker bottle, after these intense workouts (YES yoga can be very intense check out these photos from IG) I was not nearly as sore nearly as long as I was just the week before.  WIN!!!!!

Day 11 #OctoberYogaSpice did better in this one than I thought. One day it will be impressive. #yoga #yogi #yogis #yogapose #yogabeginner

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Let me recap the benefits of the Isopure Aminos if you forgot what I posted in my post-workout recovery post:

  • Comprehensive body and mind benefits (helps ease your mind and so you can get some rest)
  •   Proven BCAAs to support muscle recovery
  •   Tart Cherry, an anti-inflammatory that helps reduce soreness following intense exercise
  •   L-Theanine for a calm, relaxed mind
  •   Packed with antioxidants including anthocyanins and Vitamin C
  •   The only Amino from Isopure

Now on to the recipe which is very simple yet effective and we all want that right?

Very Berry Cherry Smoothie


1 cup frozen mixed berries

Frozen berries

1 cup frozen cherries (this is the secret weapon)

Frozen cherries

1 scoop Isopure Aminos Cranberry Grape flavor

Isopure and smoothie

1 cup of fresh water




Place all ingredients in your blender and blend for about 60 seconds.  Pour into a glass and enjoy.

The great thing about the flavor is that you can also just mix one scoop with plain water and shake, shake and shake it up and enjoy that way too.

Shaker bottle and Isopure

Disclaimer:  This post conversation is sponsored by Isopure but all opinions are my very own.

Make sure you get social with Isopure and follow them to learn more about what they have to offer.






What’s your favorite way to recover from an intense workout?


Very Berry Cherry Post-Workout Smoothie

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