Taste The Rainbow Juice

This juice has so many delectable colors the first thing that came to mind was “Taste The Rainbow”.  I mean when you drink this down it is very delish!  Here is the recipe I hope you enjoy and please post a comment if you decide to try it.


5 organic carrots

1 beet

2 gala apples

1 cucumber

3 kiwi fruit

1 sweet potato

Taste the rainbow juice


Breville Juicer

Instruction:  Clean, chop and prep all food for juicer.  Send through juicer, put in a cute glass and enjoy!  POW!

Got the idea of airtight mason jars to store excess juice in the fridge from Carla of RawRaw Life!  Check her out!

Want the smoothest pulp free juice ever then I highly recommend you get an Omega VRT350 juicer. It is amazing.


2 Replies to "Taste The Rainbow Juice"

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    Sally February 15, 2014 (4:37 pm)

    This looks and sounds delicious! You have so many awesome smoothie recipes my friends and I are always getting inspiration from your blog!! Thanks so much!!

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      DSTPRL February 15, 2014 (5:03 pm)

      Thank you for visiting often Sally. I am so happy this reaches and helps folks. Please feel free to submit suggestions on anything else you would like for me to feature on here. This blog is more yours than mine and I want to make sure it satisfies your needs. Thanks for shouting us out.