How To Combat Stress Eating

Combat Emotional Eating

I had the pleasure to speak with certified nutritionist TaVona Denise of So Fit Ladies about the causes and triggers for emotional and stress eating.  Many of us tend to eat even when we aren’t hungry.  Why is that?  In this discussion we explore:

1.  Why we eat when we aren’t physiologically hungry

2.  Ways to manage those emotional and stress eating urges

3.  How these urges impacts us and our fitness goals

4.  Fog and Storm emotional and stress eating habits

5.  Identifying the triggers for these urges

It was fun speaking with TaVona and we hope you get as much out of this discussion as we intended.  Also, if you missed the segment, NO WORRIES (pun intended), we have it up on YouTube so you can watch it from beginning to end at your leisure.

The video is below and THANK YOU TaVona for participating and contributing to such a thoughtful discussion.  Here’s to your health!

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