Product Review: May Snack Sack Box

Snack Box Product Review


Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary Snack Sack Box to write an honest review. As always, all opinions, thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations are my very own. In other words, I’m going to keep it real regardless.  🙂

As you all may know I have been on a snack kick for the last few months because I find that when I munch on small nibbles of food throughout the day, I am not ravenous and starving by the time I get home from a busy day out of the home.  I have also noticed that more and more people are reading labels and caring more about the food they put in their body so a healthy snack box like Snack Sack is just the answer.

About the company

Snack Sack is a subscription box delivery service based in Colorado.  They scour the Earth to find nutritious, fair trade, non-GMO, organic and gluten-free snacks for its clients.  Each box has enough snack goodies in it to either keep for yourself or share with a crowd such as in your office, amateur sports league or movie night in the home.

You can check them out on FACEBOOK @SnackSack, TWITTER @GetSnackSack, or INSTAGRAM @GetSnackSack.

How the service works

As with many subscription box services there are several plans to select from for delivery.  You can go month-to-month OR choose to subsribe for several months and have snacks delivered several times within that month.  I have not seen that before and if you have greedy gremlins at home or in the office, getting a snack box multiple times a month for 3 or more months may just be right for you.  You can read more about their plans here.



Everyone wants a general idea of how much this would cost so here it is.

Month-to-month:  $23

2 snack boxes/month:$45

8 snack boxes/month:  $178 

12 snack boxes/month:  $264

As you can see there are many plans to choose from.

And in my normal fashion I did a quick unboxing video so you could see the treats I received.

Now that you got a quick peek into what came in the box and the cool burlap sack it came in (I have since given it to my cousin who loves it), let me share more about the snacks inside the box.


Caveman Cookies – I haven’t actually tried these and I’m not Paleo per se but these cookies are perfect for anyone who is.  They are made with minimal ingredients and with carob as a chocolate alternative.  They sent 2 flavors – Alpine Hazelnut Carob and Tropical Coconut Macadamia.

Caveman Cookies



Torie & Howard – This was an interesting offering in the snack box – hard candies.  They tout they taste like fresh fruit plucked straight from the garden.  I plan on taking these in to work and placing them out for my co-workers.

Torie and Howard

Luke’s Organic – Who doesn’t love cheesy puffs or poofs as Cartman would say from South Park?  They do call them Cheddar Clouds which is a nifty name for them.  Either way, Luke’s Organic has an organic version and I did munch on these and they weren’t bad at all.  Not as crispy as the regular version of cheesy puffs but not bad either.

Boom Chicka Pop and Chips


Barefoot & Chocolate – I don’t eat spreads that often even though I keep seeing so many delicious blog posts about them I might start one day.  I received 2 spreads in my box including Hazelnut & Almond Coconut Spreads.  They sound tasty but appeared to be a little high in sugar for me with 11 grams of sugar in each pack.  Enjoy, but in moderation.

Barefoot and Chocolate

Raw Revolution – Two bars came in the box, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and Creamy Peanut Butter Protein Bar.  I took the Dark Chocolate bar to work to snack on in the afternoon because that is typically when I start getting hungry again.  It was a very dense bar that packed a lot of protein in it.  I was not hungry for about 3 hours after eating it.  I am not a real bar eating person and while it was filling, I didn’t like the texture or taste of it that much.  It was hard to bite into.

Raw Revolution

Boom Chicka Pop – My children used to have a book with a similar name so every time I read this that is what it brings to mind.  My family loves popcorn and their popcorn came in two flavors – Sea Salt and Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn.  I tried the Kettle Corn and my husband grabbed the Sea Salt version and I have to say it was very good and tasty.  Kettle Corn is known for being sweet but this wasn’t too sweet.  It was just right.  I give this two thumbs up!

Boom Chicka Pop and Chips

Frontier Bites – This Almond Blueberry Lemon Bites says it has crunchy energizing bites of almonds, blueberries and tart lemon.  They sort of looked like puffed rice together with the other ingredients.  I haven’t tried these yet and think I will pack this in my daughter’s lunchbox next week.

Frontier Bites

Yum Earth – I’ve heard so much about this brand on other blogs and was very excited to see they sent me Gummy Bears.  I don’t eat them but I feed them to my kids.  Unfortunately I was disappointed when I saw the sugar content (15 grams) in one small bag of these.  It has not high-fructose corn syrup, it’s wheat free and soy free but definitely  not sugar free.  It has me rethinking about putting gummy bears in my kids’ lunch boxes going forward.  My workout partner loves gummy bears so I am taking them to her at our next session.

Yum Earth Organics Gummy Bears


Madecasse – For my chocolate lovers this snack is for you.  It’s Sea Salt & Nibs Chocolate Bar as the cocoa is sourced from Madagascar.  Sounds exotic right?  I haven’t started in on these because I think it looks too pretty.  I want to save it for a special occasion.  This isn’t your ordinary chocolate bar.

Madecasse Sea Salt and Nibs Chocolate Bar

Can you believe I’m still going with the snacks that came in this box?  It was a humongous box.

Snack Sack Box


Sheffa – They sent two snack mixes to please any palate.  They sent a Sweet as well as a Zesty flavored snack mixes.  I have not dug into the zesty snack mix yet but it is definitely on my list.  The Sweet Flavored Snack Mix contains coconut-covered almonds, and soy nuts mixed with fruit.  The Zesty Flavored Snack Mix contains crispy chickpea noodles, roasted corn, and toasted seeds with seasoning.  YUM!

Sheffa Sweet Flavored Snack Mix and Zesty Flavored Snack Mix

Quest Nutrition – I saved the BEST for last.  These chips right here?  FOUR THUMBS UP!!!  I don’t even eat chips like that but these BBQ Protein Chips hit the spot!  I didn’t even have to finish the entire bag before I started feeling full.  The chips are baked so they are light and airy and when I went back to finish the bag – I was practically licking the inside of it.  It was THAT good.

Boom Chicka Pop and Chips



  • Boxes come loaded with snacks
  • Each box contains healthy, fair trade, organic or gluten-free snacks for healthy munching
  • Excellent variety of snacks from bars, to chips to healthier versions of candy
  • They offer multiple times a month delivery not just monthly
  • Free shipping
  • Nice burlap bag included


  • No online market place to purchase the snacks you love directly from the site (they are working on it though)


I give this box a 10 stars out of 10 stars. This box was amazing!  I’m not just saying that either.  I really liked this box.  It was big, had a wide variety of snacks for everyone and all taste buds, it’s affordable and you can get it multiple times a month if you just can’t wait once a month.


The team at Snack Sack would love for you to try their snack box so for a limited time they are offering a 10% discount off the first box to my readers with promo code FEMME10.  I think that’s a pretty neat deal so head on over and try it.  I do not think you will be disappointed.

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Do you prefer sweet, savory or salty snacks?


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    I love that they offer so may ways to try new foods. This looks like some good eatin’! #productreviewparty

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    I’m hooked on eating gummy candies so I would love to eat a more healthier gummies. This subscription box sure do offer a lot! #ProductReviewParty