Pre-Workout Snack Experiment Day 2

If you read my article the other day about whether “To Eat or Not To Eat – That is the Question” before a workout (pre-workout), I stated I would do an experiment on myself and start eating a light snack before my workouts.  Today was Day 2 of this experiment which consisted of cottage cheese and strawberries.



This was perfect.  Not too acidic and helped me stay full throughout my entire workout.  Granted, I did not exert as much energy as I normally would due to my left knee but I was able to handle heavier weights for the upper body and came home un-starving!  I never knew how hungry I was before I started snacking before workouts.  I just may become a convert.

Are you experimenting with me?  How do you feel?

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    February 11, 2014 (1:34 am)

    It’s good that you have decided to fuel your body prior to your workouts. Generally, providing the right fuel prior to; as well as, after your workouts, allows your body to be a fat-burning, muscle building powerhouse.

    I found this THIS article that speaks on pre/post work out nutrition.

    I hope that it helps