My Peloton Bike Experience and Review

Read all about my experience with my Peloton bike which includes the good, the bad and the ugly.  #Peloton #Pelotonmom #PelotonBod #BPR #DSTPeloton

I am sure you have been on Social Media and seen an ad pop up for Peloton which is why I decided to write my Peloton Bike review.  First and foremost let me say when my husband started eyeing this bike around January of this year I was skeptical.

The considerations

For one, he already had a bike which he wasn’t using and when I looked at the price tag of the Peloton I was shocked to say the least.  Then he informed me there is a monthly $39 subscription you want to have because without it, the bike really won’t be used at full capacity.

After thinking about it and hearing my husband talk about it I agreed to getting one.  It arrived in March 2018 and I suspect, to get me to buy in even more, my husband bought me cycle shoes that clip into the Peloton pedals.

We did not purchase everything Peloton such as the water bottles, dumbbells, foam roller, earphones or shoes but we do have a few hoodies and t-shirts because they are cute.


I started off balking at the price of a Peloton bike which is around $2,300.  That is not easy for many to swallow but they do have payment plans which is a plus.  That price is only for the bike.  In order to enjoy the online Live and On-Demand classes you need the monthly subscription which is an additional $39.

As you can see it can add up.  Again, if you can move past the sticker shock they do have payment plans which can ease the cost burden on some.

For Peloton Digital Membership ONLY it’s $12.99 a month.

*Update*  The price of the regular bike has dropped to $1,895 since they have come out with a newer bike called the Peloton+.


There are hundreds upon hundreds of classes available with the subscription such as cycling (of course), running, and yoga to name a few.  I am extremely impressed with the amount of classes offered beyond just cycling.

Class durations vary from 5 minutes to 60 minutes and you can filter on them or also by:

  • class type,
  • instructor,
  • music genre or
  • category (hard, new, most popular, etc.)

Please note, all of the classes are not children friendly.  In certain classes the instructor may use profanity or the lyrics to the songs played aren’t the clean version.

If that isn’t your cup of tea, no problem, they have classes with all genres of music from Country to 80’s Pop to R&B.  Choose what you like, there’s a lot of variety so you are bound to find something you enjoy.

Try The App Free For 30 Days

Sign up here:


One thing I like a lot about Peloton is the sense of community they provide on Social Media.  They have a private Peloton Page group for Peloton users and each instructor runs their own private group.

People share their personal records with each other, post tons of photos and are very helpful and encouraging when questions are asked by newbies such as myself.

The Peloton app

The app is where you access all the classes unless you have the Peloton Tread.  It allows you to build a profile and share the classes you completed to Social Media.  You can also follow friends there.

While I like and reciprocate a follow for a follow on the Peloton app there isn’t much else there when it comes to socializing.  BTW follow me at #DiattaDaDelta.

You can’t message each other but you can see how many rides or activities they completed and the amount of rewards they’ve collected.

The Peloton ride

The Peloton rides are HIGH ENERGY even the ones for beginners or low impact.  If you’re riding a live or on-demand class, you can virtually high five others who are participating in the class with you.

There’s a bunch of Live and On-Demand cycle classes to choose from as far back as 6 months so pick a class and enjoy yourself.

During the rides there are a lot of features as well such as viewing your heart rate, if you wear a monitor, viewing the artist and song title playing and the leaderboard.

The leaderboard is where you can see all those who ever took the ride, where you rank and who may be riding with you at the same time you are.

You can also see how their output compares to yours which, if you are competitive, can help you push beyond your comfort zone and hit a new PR.

Peloton Home Screen


I can’t say enough about the Peloton instructors.  I have not even come CLOSE to taking them all because there are a handful which play the music I like so I tend to take their classes over and over but from Robin Arzon to Ally Love to Alex Toussaint you really can’t go wrong.

Some of the instructors also teach multiple disciplines such as cycle, boot camp and running.  I like the versatility of its instructor team.  Each instructor as their own unique style but I’ve found they all keep me interested and motivated during the workout.

All positive attitudes, all smiles and very attractive people, can’t go wrong there.  Many even shout you out on Social Media.

I’ll leave the Instagram names of the ones I follow below.  All you have to do is click on the photo and follow them.

Ally Love @AllyMissLove

Robin Arzon @RobinNYC

Jess King @JessKingNYC

Feel Good. Look Good….Do Better!! #Vibecheck #Justdoit #NYC

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Alex Toussaint @AlexToussaint25

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When I started

My bike review #peloton #pelotonmom #bike #biking #pelotonstudio #blackgirlmagic #pelotonblackgirlmagic

When I first started on the Peloton bike I had trouble clipping in.  I struggled.  Hubby tried to coach me and I was trying my best but could not clip those shoes in to save my life.

He sort of had to half wear my shoe and clip them in for me and then I put them on while clipped in to the pedal.  I know I know but I’m much better now.

I also struggled clipping out.  A few times I just left the shoes clipped in and went on with my day because my legs were too tired to try and/or I was catching cramps.  OUCH!

After the first 4 rides, 4 days in a row my butt stayed sore even though my husband had a cushion on the seat.  It’s just the nature of the beast.  It gets better as I no longer get sore since I’m riding my regularly  now and I’m 24 rides in (woohoo) but my butt can get numb if I sit too long.

I remedy the problem by standing when that happens.

My bike

What kept me interested – FRIENDS

Once I found some of my friends actually owned Peloton, and we started following each other, we would schedule when we would take the same classes either live (which start early in the morning East Coast time) or on-demand (which are available all day long).

That made it very fun for me because we could see each other’s results and it felt like we were together even though we were states away.

They do have a neat feature where you can click on the person’s profile during the ride and click Live Video and actually see the other person riding LIVE.  I did that once with a friend who lives in North Carolina and it was very cool.

It was during a live class.  I thought that was very cool.

The other classes I’ve taken

Besides cycling, I’ve also taken the strength training and tread classes  which are very good.  The strength training tends to last about 10 minutes (at least those are the ones I chose) but they have longer classes.  I just never had time to do more or go longer.


The tread classes

The tread classes are excellent and what got me back interested in Peloton to begin with.  I typically run on my own treadmill and mirror the class from my iPhone 7 to my Apple TV flat screen so I have the big screen and speaker experience.

Feels like I’m actually in the studio with them.

We do hills, sprint drills, combinations and all sorts of things which really keeps the heart rate up and the fat burning which is what I like.

They even have walking classes for those who need a recovery day or can’t handle all of the pounding from running.

I’ve tried a few of those and believe it or not, those are very challenging too.  As you can imagine they crank up the incline.

So far there hasn’t been 1 instructor or 1 class I didn’t enjoy.  I’ve gotten up and worked out completely tired and not feeling it but once I hear that peppy voice and motivating quotes and words…it’s on.  I fix my attitude and get into it.

What could be better

I honestly can say there aren’t any suggestions or recommendations I have for Peloton at this time to improve upon.  Granted I was having issue connecting my heart rate monitor but found out it was my error not theirs.

It’s a very innovative company and I look forward to some new products and services they come out with.

My rating

As if you could not tell, I give Peloton 10 out of 10 stars.

My bike

I can’t thank my husband enough for having the vision and thought to purchase this awesome package of equipment and classes which has taken our at-home workout game to the next level.

I enjoy it very much, plan to ride more days on than off and highly recommend you research and consider getting one for yourself.

Perhaps we can ride virtually together in a live or on-demand class and push each other further.  To quote several of the instructors “You ain’t hustlin’ if you ain’t strugglin’”.  Let’s GO!

Purchase A Peloton 

You can purchase your own Peloton here: and use my referral code 96GTJ4 to get $100 worth of accessories for free.

The code is good for anyone in the U.S., Canada or U.K.

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Peloton moitvational quote

Are you interested in purchasing a Peloton?

Leave any questions you have that I haven’t answered in comments below.

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  • comment-avatar
    Mira Edorra January 4, 2020 (12:48 pm)

    Great review!
    he Peloton Bike is sturdily built and has a variety of spinning classes to choose from. I like that it has space for two water bottles up front and two hand weights behind the seat.

  • comment-avatar
    September 2, 2020 (7:34 am)

    I fell hard for Peloton during the extended feee trial they offered in March — I do everything except the bike. It’s got to be the instructors who make it so amazing. You are lucky you decided to get one before the shutdown!