Stop Eating My Veggies – Magic Garden

My garden my garden.  I decided to grow my own favorite veggies for many reasons and saving money is one of them.  Since I constantly buy cucumbers, squash and tomatoes – hey grow them!  Here is the latest update!

Maryland weather has been really goofy as of late.  Just about 2 weeks ago there were record breaking heat temperatures and TODAY…rainy….at 68 degrees!  I think my vegetable plants are a little thrown off kilter with the indecisiveness of Mother Nature right now.

My ONE cucumber is growing! The other ones look like they rotted or something before they ever got started. I do not know what happened. *sniff*

I lost 2 red bell peppers but I have 3 more coming in that are looking VERY good.

Something is chomping away at my tomatoes. Either racoons, squirrels or rabbits.

The hottest peppers in the world are finally growing in!!! I am REALLY excited about these.

More habaneros growing in!

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