My New Matrix TF30 Treadmill by Johnson Fitness

I enjoy running outdoors but sometimes weather doesn’t always permit such as when its raining or there’s ice on the ground.  And let’s face it, even though I have a gym membership I sometimes get a little lazy and don’t feel like driving out to the gym that’s when an at-home treadmill comes in right on time.

I recently purchased a new Matrix TF30 treadmill by Johnson Fitness and I couldn’t be more pleased.  It is one powerhouse of a treadmill as it is high-quality like the ones you find at your gym but made for home.

matrix tf30 treadmill

It’s very sturdy so when you walk, jog, run or sprint on it whether it be at 0 incline or higher, it doesn’t shake wildly like some other treadmills.  For my friends who may be heavier, this treadmill can accommodate up to 350 lbs which is great.

The Matrix TF30 treadmill also comes with pre-programs such as:

Rolling hills

Performs incline intervals

Interval incline

Performs another type of incline interval

Target Heart Rate

Based on your age you set the heart rate zone you want to operate in and it adjusts the speed to keep you in that zone.  The treadmill comes with a Polar heart rate monitor chest strap which the treadmill can read to help you stay in the zone.  Johnson Fitness has thought of everything.

target heart rate

polart heart rate monitor chest strap

Virtual Active

This is really cool, you can run through other states and view their scenery on the screen.  If you speed up the scenery speeds up with you.

Sprint 8

This is a pre-programmed sprint interval program which is available for different fitness levels from beginner all the way up to athlete and you can even customize your own.

This treadmill give you a reason never to jump off because it also comes with Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Weather and MyFitnessPal.  Now, the treadmill must be moving under 2.0 mph to operate those features but that is a safety measure I very much welcome.

Some other key features which I really like include having my own profile so every time I use the treadmill it collects stats on my usage such as how long I’ve run over a lifetime and how many miles I have racked up.   My last treadmill did not do that.  Also, when any program begins it starts at .5 mph again, another safety feature so you don’t go flying off the back.

You can easily speed it up by hitting the arrows or using the keypad and if you want to return to the former speed you can tap the back arrow once if you will be decreasing the speed or tap it twice if the former speed will increase.  Again, another safety feature.  Johnson Fitness is all about safety.

Now let me talk about my favorite program on the treadmill, hands down it’s the Sprint 8 program.  In 20 minutes it takes you through 8, 30-second tough intervals followed by a 90 second active recovery interval.  All this begins after the 2-minute warm up and once your last sprint is over it brings you to a 2 ½ minute cool down.

It’s an efficient way to burn fat and rev up the metabolism.  This program produces results as it touts its participants have seen a reduction in waist size, body mass and waist to hip ratio after 6 months of consistent use which is 3 times a week.  I like it because there is so much variety at each level that you can constantly challenge yourself as your body adapts to the sprint interval speed and incline.

Oh yeah, each sprint interval not only kicks up the speed, the incline also increases too which brings even more intensity.  I love it and am sure you would too.

Here’s my shopping experience

Interested to learn more about the Matrix TF30?  Click HERE and let me know if you end up purchasing one and what you think of it.

matrix tf30

Do you own a treadmill?  Which of the features I described interests you the most?


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