January Is The Running Month of Champions!

Hi FFFC readers!!!  I am declaring something right at this moment, right now.  Starting in January 2013, FFFC plan to feature any and everything about running starting with my own personal goal of building up my running pace from where it is today.  Based on my past 2 runs I average around a 9:50 minute/mile and for me that just won’t do.  My hubby feels if you aren’t running an 8 minute mile then you are just walking fast.  I don’t agree.

So here is what I have planned for January:

1.  Increase my current running speed to at least a solid 9 minute mile

2.  Test drive various running apps including Nike+, Runkeeper and MapMyRun to provide you all a review

FFFC is also planning to feature some avid runners and bring you their incredible stories about how they got started, why they run and what keeps them going when anyone else would quit.

We also plan to feature running gear and apparel as well as optimal diets for runners.

January is an exciting time at FFFC!  So please stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it!

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    Heart Shaped Sweat November 28, 2012 (10:56 am)

    This is great! I will definitely be staying tuned!
    Looking forward to hearing all about your running apps and which work best for you!