How to Safely Return to the Gym

If you are ready to get back into the gym during the COVID-19 pandemic after getting fully vaccinated, do so safely with these 5 tips.

If you are fully vaccinated and ready to get back into the gym during the COVID-19 pandemic do so safely with these 5 tips. #COVID19 #backtothegym #gymworkout #gymetiquette #gymrules #pandemic #healthy Staying active is essential for long-term health and fitness. The last thing you want to do, however, is put your health at risk while trying to do something good. Now that many gyms are in the process of reopening, you can finally get back into your workout routine but don’t let your excitement overshadow your social and personal responsibility. Here’s what you need to know about returning to the gym while acting responsibly.

Pay Attention to Protocols

Adhere to all state and local regulations and pay attention to additional rules set by the gym itself. Some facilities may require temperature checks or ask you to book a time slot for your workout. Give yourself time to check-in or wait in line if the gym’s capacity is limited and always wear your mask based on your local jurisdiction’s guidelines.

Adjust Your Schedule

writing in diary journal Many gyms have limited their hours to allow time for sanitation, so you may need to adjust your workout schedule. Consider moving your workout to avoid peak hours as well. Gyms tend to be the busiest in the morning between 8 and 10 am then in the evening between 4 and 7 pm.

Maintain Social Distance

Maintain social distance Your ability to maintain a distance of 6 feet from others may depend on the size and setup of the gym you go to.  Simply be mindful of your proximity to others and respect their right to distance from you as well. Keep as much space between yourself and other gymgoers or staff as much as possible.

Wear A Mask

Wear a mask

Wear a mask based on your local jurisdiction’s guidelines.  If you are fully vaccinated check with your gym to find out what the rules are regarding wearing or not wearing your mask.

It can be uncomfortable to wear a mask while exercising, but evidence does not suggest there’s any significant health risk of doing so. In fact, the mask may create extra breathing resistance which might give your lungs and cardiovascular system an additional workout. Just keep in mind that it may take your body time to adjust, so go slow and take breaks when needed.

Plan Ahead Of Time

Even if you go to the gym outside peak hours, it’s still a good idea to limit your exposure. Plan your workout ahead of time to increase efficiency and make changes as needed depending on what space and equipment are available to avoid waiting around.

Wash Your Hands

Be vigilant about cleaning equipment before and after you use it. When you’re finished with your workout, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer then wash up again when your workout is finished. Don’t forget to sanitize your personal belongings when you get home and take a shower as soon as possible. After months of isolation and business closures, you’re probably itching to get back into the real world. Just remember the risk of coronavirus still exists and every action you take has the potential to affect others. If you choose to return to the gym, do so responsibly and contact your primary healthcare provider if you develop symptoms or use an at-home coronavirus test kit. When in doubt, just stay home! If you are ready to get back into the gym during the COVID-19 pandemic do so safely with these 5 tips. #COVID19 #backtothegym #gymworkout #gymetiquette #gymrules #pandemic #healthy


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