Holy Detox!

Well everybody – I have been on my detox for the past 2 full weeks and am currently going into my 3rd week and I feel GREAT!!!!  The tonic I have been taking is called Essence of Vitality   and you take 4 oz the first day and 1 oz in the morning and another 1 oz in the evening the remaining subsequent days.

It’s been doing such wonders on my body, even my boot camp trainer noticed my stomach is shrinking!  He gets kudos for even noticing.  I have experienced a host of benefits with CONSISTENT use of the Essence of Vitality which includes:

  • mental clarity (I can see clearer now, the rain is gone, I can see all the obstacles in my way)
  • regular waste elimination
  • soft skin
  • ENERGY (I do not fall asleep on my hubby while watching TV as much as I used to)
  • no cravings for sweets (everybody knows I love ice cream and this week we did not even pick any up from the grocery store)
  • And did I say ENERGY?

Now I have had some non-believers on the FFFC Private group on FB.  The doubts ranges from not believing one will get more energy to trying to adjust to the bitter taste of the tonic.  But in good news, many more are encouraged to try it because of the benefits.

I am not paid to endorse this product.  I speak so highly of it because I believe in its properties and purpose PERIOD.  I did get gifted a complimentary bottle which I paid forward to a member of my boot camp and she herself had to admit…YUP she is feeling the increase in energy!  You can’t make this stuff up – you just have to try it for yourself.

I did have to get real about its “properties” and the process of elimination.  They wouldn’t stop badgering me until I came with the REAL stuff.  I did not realize how many people feel sluggish and mentally muddy.  Much of that is due to our poor Standard American Diet (SAD) and not all of the running, cardio or weights in the world will help us feel better until we do better with what we put in our bodies.

I am all for it and totally understand.  I have my “challenges” because I like wine and french fries but I must say this tonic is definitely curbing those cravings.

If you are feeling challenged, this might be a solution for you.  You can read more about the benefits here at http://ahkimail.com.

Happy detoxing!



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    The Life Architect November 18, 2012 (6:56 pm)

    Hey there!!! I just started the Essence of Vitality detox last Wednesday! i have been blogging about my progress. I would love to connect with you and share experiences!!!!!

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      DSTPRL November 18, 2012 (6:57 pm)

      That definitely sounds like a plan. Are you also following her 21-day program? I am about to order some more because since I finished my bottle I feel like something is missing.