Give Icebreaker Merino During the Holidays

Disclosure:  I was provided complimentary Icebreaker® Merino workout apparel in exchange for an honest product review and blog post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

It’s gift giving season and I don’t know about you but I am really excited this year!  I get to shop for all of my loved ones from the comfort of my own home.  YAY!  You can too with the Icebreaker® Merino Holiday Gift Guide.

Give The Gift of Icebreaker Merino #givemerino

Now let’s talk WINTER WORKOUTS.  Do you know someone who plans on hitting the pavement with dipping temperatures or hiking come sleet or snow?  Then I would definitely take a gander at the Icebreaker® Merino Holiday Gift Guide which is chock full of fun collections for all types of athletes (yes if you workout YOU my dear are an athlete in my eyes).

Do you know or have any of these types of people in your life?

  • The Fitness Fanatic
  • The Over Packer
  • The Glamper
  • The Globe Trotter
  • The Snow Bum
  • The Minimalist

Icebreaker® Merino has us all covered (oh yeah a few of these describe me as I am or as I aspire to be).

If you haven’t heard of Icebreaker® Merino here is a little blurb to get you familiar

At Icebreaker, our role is not to create the latest “technical” fibre. Nature has already done that, and without an oil rig in sight. Merino wool was born not in a lab, but in the mountains of New Zealand. The Icebreaker fibre factory works 24 hours a day, on the back of a sheep. Sustainability is at the heart of Icebreaker, and we aim for profitable sustainability — a business model that balances ecology with economy. It’s possible because nature is an astonishing designer. Everything it creates is simple, efficient and beautiful. We believe nature is a powerful force that is within us and around us. We have harnessed this force to become the passionate world leader in merino.

I already ripped through their Holiday Gift Guide and found some very cute items for myself.

My HOT Winter Icebreaker Run Outfit

Do ya like?  This was right before a cold run outdoors at 5:30 am in 30 degree weather.  I went running with BGR! Baltimore and received some compliments on my outfit which was nice.  I was also very nice and warm without feeling weighed down.

Icebreaker Merino gear #givemerino

Remember when I said a few of those personas fit me or are what I aspire to be?  Well if I had to choose no more than 2 I would select The Fitness Fanatic and The Globe Trotter.  Check out the collections I put together.

The Globetrotter | Icebreaker
Icebreaker Merino Fitness Fanatic holiday gift guide collection

Holiday shopping is in full swing and if you are stumped on what to get that active person in your life, Icebreaker® Merino has just what you are looking for.  Take a look through their Holiday Gift Guide and tell me which item you would buy for yourself or that special someone in your life?  Don’t be shy, you can choose more than one.  🙂

Do you have plans to workout outdoors this Winter?

What is your biggest challenge with Winter workouts?

Which athlete in your life are you still shopping for?

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