Flat Belly Tips and Tricks

It takes hard work to get a flat belly but it isn’t impossible and if you heed these tips and tricks, you will be on your way to a flatter belly in no time.

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These tips and tricks aren’t going to magically work on their own, you have to be consistent if you want lasting results.  Please note, these tips and tricks are tried and true and are not gimmicks.  Gimmicks and fads are temporary.

Here’s what you can do to find yourself with a flat belly in no time.

Say No To Stress

Bad stress can negatively impact your health.  Chronic stress can begin to breakdown the body physically and no one wants that.

Stress also produces a hormone called cortisol which promotes fat storage in the belly.  You don’t want that so the best remedy is to find ways to de-stress daily.


De-stress which comes in all shapes and forms.  Some popular methods to de-stress include deep breathing, meditation and yoga.

A side benefit of the deep breathing is, it promotes fat oxidation – that’s right, burn fat while de-stressing.  SCORE!

Get A Body Massage

This is another de-stress method to remove stress and strain from the body.  A good body massage not only helps to reduce stress, but can support healthy body detoxification.

An abdominal massage is a great way to de-stress yourself.

Abdominal massages trigger your internal system to detoxify the body to help alleviate digestive issues such constipation and bloating which can lead to a big belly.


You can get an abdominal massage by a massage therapist who would put pressure on your abs and belly. If you cannot book time with a professional massage therapist, a portable massager is a must-have, and you will notice a positive change in your body and belly area.

Cardio Workout

Daily cardio not only improves heart health, it boosts the body’s metabolism and fat burning capacity. Even though you can’t spot reduce fat from your belly, decreasing overall body fat will eventually result in decreased belly fat to reveal flatter abs.


To maintain your body and existing flat abs, perform steady state cardio 30 minutes, 5 days a week or a total of 150 minutes of cardio weekly.

If you want immediate flat belly results increase the intensity with intervals for 75 minutes a week for example, walk 30 seconds, sprint 30 seconds and repeat a total of 30 minutes.

Whatever you do, get the heart rate up so that your body starts using your excess body fat for fuel and burn it.  Over time you will notice your belly flattening.

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Healthy Diet

This can’t be said enough, abs are made in the kitchen!  No amount of exercise such as crunches will outweigh a poor diet.

Nothing packs on the excess fat around our bellies faster than eating high fat, sodium and sugar foods such as fast and highly processed food as well as not eating on a regular schedule.

Irregular eating habits wreaks havoc on your metabolism which may slow down because your body is attempting to preserve energy (calories) because it doesn’t know when it will eat again.

That can store as fat around your belly.

Additionally, consuming high amounts of low-nutrient food commonly found in fast and processed food, is difficult for the body to digest and metabolize properly which can slow down your digestion causing belly bloat.


Eat well portioned real food throughout the day which not only keeps your metabolism stoked so it is constantly burning body fat but to manage blood sugar levels so you don’t get ravenously hungry and overeat.

Your soon-to-be-revealed belly will thank you for it.

Avoid Sugar

It is said that if you completely cut out consumption of processed sugar from the foods you eat daily, you do not have to do anything else to lose that excess fat covering your abs.

Check out Sherrie Shepherd who went 260 days without consuming added sugar.  She looks fabulous and her belly is very flat.

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Getting it in!!! Over 260 days #sugarfree … can’t begin to describe how #amazing I feel. Energy, clarity of thought and mind. Focused … patient w my son. Hearing from God a lot more clearly. Present. I’ve done this slowly and steadily and since March I’ve come down over 25lbs. This is not a fad- it’s my life that is at stake. – It feels so good to feel #good #sherrishepherd #teamhealthy #ketodiva💋 #jesus #grateful (T-shirt – @ceochicks / camouflage jeans @centerstage_boutique / thigh hi boots @guess @macys) – (for great #keto mentors follow @blackketogirl & @keto365transformation – these two women are a wealth of information and have helped me tremendously do #ketogenic the #safe & #healthy way) #keepyoureyesontheprize and the #prize is my #life

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Sugar causes belly bloat plus a host of other issues such as inflammation.

Not only should you avoid sugar added to food, but also sugar-coated processed foods which includes candy, cakes, donuts (plain, jelly and glazed) and soft drinks.

All of that food tastes really good because of the added sugar, which is addictive, but it causes havoc on the body over time.

Obvious foods like cake and candy aren’t the only foods to look out for, as sugar is hidden in a lot of other foods like condiments such as ketchup, breakfast and energy bars as well as frozen food.

Sugar is a low-nutrient, high calorie substance that you will want to avoid if you want a flat belly.


Slowly reduce the amount of sugar consumed daily to start to see a noticeable flattening of your belly.

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Wear Waist Beads

Waist beads are not only popular but they are a great, non-scale way to measure how fast your belly flattens.  This is how they work, you first get a set which sits high on your waist vs. down around your hips.

As you lose weight they begin to drop down your abdomen getting closer to your hips.  If you begin to gain inches around your waist, the waist beads will begin to feel tighter.

When this happens make sure you are consuming food with fiber to help flush out any waste from your digestive system which could be causing bloating.


Use waist beads to also manage how much you eat.  As you sit down to eat a meal be conscientious of how the beads feel around your waist.  While consuming your meal, as the beads feel tighter because your stomach expands stop eating.

That not only helps with portion control, it puts your body in a caloric deficit which burns excess fat from your body including your belly.  WIN!

In Conclusion

We went through and shared some tips and tricks to help you flatten your belly.  If you are consistent with these methods you will realize a flatter belly in no time.

Disclaimer:  Please consult your physician before starting any new workout programs.  Femme Fitale Fit Club is not liable for injury, loss of limb or life as a result of your participation.


Equipment needed:

Dumbbells (moderate)Whittle your waist and strengthen your core with this waist beads workout which targets the obliques.   #lovehandles #waistbeads #coreworkout #workoutplan #exerciseplan #abworkout #athomeworkout



Strengthen your waist and tone your love handles with this workout. #obliques #lovehandles #abs #exercise #homeworkoutplan #absworkoutplan #exerciseplan #workoutplan #planks


Which of these methods do you plan to try or do now?

About the Author:

Sara is a psychologist by profession, and she loves massage therapies as well as home-based work and travelling. She is obsessed with massage chair therapies and other relaxing techniques. She regularly writes blogs at Mymassagechairs.

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