Fitness Friday – Blend Blend Blender

If you have been following this blog you know we LOVE smoothies around here.  Especially green ones.  Our favorite pair of smoothie queens (Jadah and Jen) reside over at Simple Green Smoothies where they share awesome and delectable green smoothie blends they make with their blender!!  I can’t say enough about the benefits of drinking your vegetables because it promotes clear skin, alkalizes your body, gives you energy and a host of other health benefits.

If you aren’t sure how to actually make a healthy smoothie, check out my video where I show you the ropes and things to avoid to make the BEST healthy smoothie for you.

One of the most obvious items you will need to ensure you can prepare your smoothies is a blender.  Also, these blenders can be used to make any other smooth food item such as slushes, soups and sauces.  Let your imagination go WILD!!

Check out my listing of blenders that I have either used personally or heard great things about.  Don’t let the price tags scare you – you pay for what you get and even if your pocketbook can’t afford the top of the line, these recommendations are not too shabby.

May the GREEN SMOOTHIE FORCE be with you.  Enjoy this collection and let me know which blender you would like to own for your very own.

Blender Set

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