FFFC January Challenges: Everything But The Kitchen Sink

January is a wonderful month you know why?  Because everything feels like a big do-over!  You get to start the year off right and fresh.  It is also the month people tend to recommit to a healthy way of living.  Promises abound rededicating to exercise, eating right and cutting out or at least minimizing the bad habits picked up over time, heck over years.  The ladies of the FFFC group also decided to commit to some challenges to really kick start January proper.

Here are the three key challenges everyone has decided to participate in.  Find one you like and vote on the one you plan to do.  You can check in daily on the FFFC Public Page to provide daily updates of your progress.  So come on – give it a whirl.  What do you have to lose but weight and some fat?  🙂

Challenge #1:   #Saladjam Challenge

Basically you will eat one salad a day for the month of January.  The details are here.  Please post photos of your salad either on twitter or instagram w/ the hashtag #saladjam.  Most of the FFFC members are participating in this one.  Sounds yummy.

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Challenge #2:  Rock Your Resolution Challenge hosted by MapMyRun

This is basically a challenge pushing you to log at least 10 workouts on MapMyRun within 30 days in the month of January.  Since many of the members of FFFC are active already we figured this is an easy one to knock out of the box.  Click HERE for details.


Challenge #3:  Push Up Challenge

This is an interesting challenge because it requires you perform push ups every day of your life in the next 12 months so this goes beyond just January.  The way this works is, week 1 you do 1 push up a day, week 2, you do 2 push ups a day – so forth and so on until you work your way up to 52 push ups a day.  By the end of this challenge your chest and arms should be the talk of the town!!!  Click HERE for details and to participate.  If you get really good at this begin to challenge yourself by advancing to decline push ups, push ups with one leg raised, etc.  It is not about status quo but pushing the limits!!!!


With all of these neat challenges going on I am sure you can find at least ONE to start even for just the month of January!!!!  So make it happen people, 2013 is going to be the BEST year ever!  Also FFFC will be following a monthly challenge pattern this year vs. weekly since it does take about 28 days to form a new habit and we want folks to definitely adopt new healthy habits this year.

Vote below and tell us which one you plan to do OR leave us a comment with this post.  We LOVE hearing from you!!!

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Let’s GO!

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