FFF Challenge #2: Eat Breakfast

Last week was the first week of many weekly challenges and today I announce this week’s challenge which will run from Tuesday to Saturday due to the holiday.

 Drum roll please…………..this week’s challenge is:

 Eat a solid breakfast every day this week along with a mid-morning snack.

 As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and it really is.  Just like the name implies after slumbering peacefully for 7+ hours, breakfast “breaks” the “fast” your body endured all night.


Not only does it give you the energy to withstand the day there are many health benefits to boot.  It has been proven that eating a healthy breakfast rich in nutrients can:

  1. help give you a more nutritionally complete diet, higher in vitamins and minerals,
  2. improve concentration and performance on the job or in the classroom,
  3. provide more strength and endurance for physical activity, and
  4. lowers the cholesterol levels.

 Just to name a few.  So knock this challenge out and welcome it with OPEN ARMS!  Let’s GO!

 Some breakfast and mid-morning snack suggestions are listed below.  Again, these are just some ideas and suggestions and are not required to be followed for this challenge.  Listen to your body and do what is best for you.

Day of   the Week


Mid-morning   snack


Vegetable omelet Apple slices with almond   butter


Plain oatmeal flavored   with brown sugar and cinnamon Bowl of fresh fruit


3 whole eggs +1 egg white scrambled2 slices of turkey bacon Fresh fruit smoothie


Whole grain English muffin   with single egg sandwich with low fat cheese slice and 1 piece of turkey   bacon Handful of unsalted   almonds and grapes


8 oz Greek yogurt with   fresh fruit 1 piece of fruit

Source:  WebMD – “The Many Benefits of Breakfast

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