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I failed miserably at my August distance challenge.  I am setting up a new distance challenge in Nike+ which has incorporated a challenge module in his FREE iPhone app.  I would like company so we can keep each other accountable so if you would like to participate in this challenge with me all you need to do is to make sure you are upgraded to the latest version of the Nike+ app and to leave the name you use with the Nike+ app in the comments below so I can add you to the challenge.

When you log your miles Nike+ app will automatically calculate your distance and update your leaderboard stats in the challenge.  I’m calling this challenge 50 in 30 (meaning we will be challenged to accumulate at least 50 miles within 30 days in the month of September).  You can accumulate those miles walking, wogging, jogging, running, or sprinting – just make sure you turn the app on at the beginning and stop it at the end of your activity.

The challenge begins September 1st and will end September 30th.  Who’s with me?  Then leave the name you use with the Nike+ app below in comments and let’s get this going!  I’m excited!


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    DSTPRL August 30, 2013 (5:39 pm)

    I can be found on Nike+ at Diatta Harris.

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