Farmers’ Market Trek Take 2

When I received a text from my cousin informing me she was headed to the market Sunday morning – she ain’t said nothing but a word when she invited me along.  YES I plan to go with YOU!!!!  Off we went at 8:10 am in the morning and what an adventure it was!

Did our first run through looking at everything out there and then on the 2nd pass picked up the items that caught our eye.  I picked up some pretty delicious items like:


Green tomatoes


Mesclun greens

I even picked up a 6-pepper turkey burger but that was gone before I could take a decent photo of it.  Who knew a turkey burget could be so moist and delicious with a kick of heat from the various peppers?  Take a look at what I bought and if you have a delish fried green tomatoes recipe – pass it along!

Green tomatoes


Mesclun greens with flowers


My absolute favorite – OKRA!




What is your favorite part of the farmers’ market?


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    Cakes and Shakes... September 9, 2012 (3:09 pm)

    *Love* okra, but I can never find it in stores!

    • comment-avatar
      DSTPRL September 9, 2012 (4:12 pm)

      I love okra too and it seems the only place I can find it raw is at the Farmers’ Market. I’ll take that because the okra I bought today was 4 pints for $3 bucks. 🙂

      • comment-avatar
        Cakes and Shakes... September 9, 2012 (4:27 pm)

        Nice one! I can only ever locate it at ethnic food stores but even then it’s not that cheap…

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    AubreyWest September 11, 2012 (8:45 pm)

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