Day 3 Boot Camp – DRINK MY SWEAT!

Arrived at boot camp late ya’ll.  They had already started the 1-mile, 10-minute jog as I was putting down my stuff.  Something told me they were going to warm us up with running in the Sanders Optimum Fitness Boot Camp so I prepared and already had my earphones and iPod shuffle hooked up ready to pop in my ears so I dropped my bag and TOOK OFF!  As soon as we finished that warm up it was time to drop to the mat and do push ups.

We went through the push up pyramid starting with #1 (single rep) all the way up to #17 reps.  Just so you know each set increments by one rep and there were 17 sets!  These are no joke because you have to talk yourself through it.  The first few sets are fine.  Then you start feeling the tightness and fatigue in your arms and shoulders.  Then you see the sweat DRIP off the tip of your nose and you feel like puking but you hold it together.  And THEN the final set of 17 push ups is here and honestly – you feel like someone needs to call the ambulance – you aren’t going to make it.  THAT is when you tell yourself ONLY YOU can make this happen so DO IT!  And then you’re done.  That was me today.

After we finished those brutal push up pyramids we had to line up and start our toning with hand weights.  I have been at 8 lbs since forever and can really go with heavier weight but given the # of reps we do…I am afraid of failure when really failure in this case is really SUCCESS!  But who likes to fail either way?  I really need to make a change though.  We did bicep curls, shoulder presses, tricep kick backs, tricep holds, and back exercises and that was just upper body.

We eventually made our way to lower body and HONEYYYYYYYY……squatting down the length of the gym TWICE makes you want to smack your mama!  Then we had walking lunges with shoulder presses and finally ended the torture with shuffle squats.  My legs were jelly before I left that place today.  BUT it is a good jelly – the unsweetened kind which won’t add fat to your hips or spike your insulin levels.

Today was a good day to drink my sweat!

Apparel:  Lululemon top (Lululemon online), Champion capris (Target), Polar FT4 HRM (Best Buy), Asics GT running shoe (purchased online), Balega running socks (Fleet Feet).


And I drank my LIVE green smoothie too!  Hmm mmmmm GOOD!


Let me know what you got done today…leave a comment.


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