Who used to watch Kung Fu theater as a child and secretly wished that was you up there on the screen fighting bad guys with cool karate moves?  Welp, I’m about to fulfill a childhood fantasy.  Well sort of.  No, I am not in a Kung Fu theater movie and no, I am not learning any official martial arts move but I am changing it up folks.

While on a week hiatus from boot camp I have received a flyer for a FREE Kickboxing Cardio session and I am GOING!!  I definitely want to see how well I have built up my cardio stamina with all of the sprinting and running.  I also want to challenge my body in a different way until boot camp returns.  Who is going to join me?

I’ll let you know how the class went!


And on another note, slipped on one of my suits this morning and lo and behold – it is TOO BIG!!  My midsection is down INCHES!!!!  Holy moly when did this happen?  I attribute it to the Sanders Optimum Fitness Bootcamp and the hard work from my Brick Bodies personal trainer – Heather Brooke Malone Wolf!  Yup, those 2 things together is what helped me get in some of the best shape of my life!!!  I am SOOOO EXCITED!!



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