Body Weight Interval Training

Just kidding.  I enjoy cardio.  Helps me clear my mind.  Make sure you get out of it what you need.  I enjoy bodyweight workouts because they work the entire body and you don’t need a gym or hand weights.  Give it all you got and mind over matter.  Nothing succeeds like success.  Now let’s GO and leave a comment telling me how well you executed this workout.

Body Weight Interval Training
Exercise Activity Time Rest Time Sets
Low Jacks 15 sec 15 sec 4
Dynamic Push   Ups 15 sec 15 sec 4
Jump Squats 15 sec 15 sec 4
Half Burpees 15 sec 15 sec 4
One leg side   jump lunge 15 sec 15 sec 4
Pull Ups 15 sec 15 sec 4
Step Jumps 15 sec 15 sec 4
Dancing Crab 15 sec 15 sec 4
Butt Lift and   Toe Touch 15 sec 15 sec 4
Twist Jump 15 sec 15 sec 4

Disclaimer:  I am not a certified personal trainer, nor did I create this workout program.  Before starting any exercise program please check with your physician first.  I’ve gotten the green thumb from my physician to perform these workouts.  Make sure you get your own clearance.

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