3 Reasons Why You Need Sprint Interval Training In Your Life

If you are someone who frequents the gym and are anything like me, you want to know what the latest science has to say on what you should be doing in the gym!  Sprint interval training can help obliterate body fat better than HIIT training.

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For me, science has always informed everything I do. Especially training.

Because of using science as the foundation of my exercise routine, I have been able to make progress leaps and bounds faster than my peers.

Which is why I have to inform you all about sprint interval training (SIT).

SIT is a form of interval training that has you operating at only the highest of intensities for a minimal amount of time. Usually, you’ll see people doing a 20-30 second sprint, followed up by some light walking or full on resting for 2-4 minutes.

Then, repeat that 4-8 times per workout.

So what are the scientific reasons that you need to jump on SIT and probably ditch your other cardio?

Here are 3 big ones:

1) SIT is the best form of cardio for losing weight

In a meta-analysis done by RunRepeat.com, they found that SIT was the most effective form of cardio for burning fat. At first, I thought they must be crazy because of the obvious question: “What about HIIT?”

Then the data showed that people who did SIT were burning TONS more fat than those who did HIIT (Like 40% more!). And if you are relying on traditional cardio to melt the fat, you will be heartbroken to know that SIT burned 91.83% more body fat than that.

But what is the difference between HIIT & SIT?

Although these two forms of interval training are similar, it is their distinct differences that make SIT so much more efficient and effective.

The differences only apply to the two factors of intensity and duration.

If the intensity is measured on a scale of 1-10, the high-intensity intervals of SIT are operating at an intensity of 10 while HIIT is operating between 6 – 8.

On the low-intensity intervals, while HIIT is still moving along at an intensity of 2 – 4, SIT is either at a 0 or 1 in intensity.

Additionally, HIIT high-intensity intervals are typically last 2-4 minutes in length and longer than the rest periods. While SIT’s high-intensity intervals are only 30 seconds in length and the rest intervals are 1 – 2 minutes long.

2) Get more out of less time

The second reason and probably the most important reason is because of how incredibly efficient it is.

Think back to that example workout I shared above of 4-8 sets of 20-30 second sprints and 2-4 minutes of full-on rest.

Which means you spent a total time of 2-4 minutes of actual sprints and 16 minutes of recovery intervals for an approximate total time of 20 minutes in a typical SIT workout.

While a HIIT workout will take you anywhere from 32 – 40 minutes. Even if you include all of the time resting for SIT, overall, SIT requires approximately 50% less time than HIIT.

3) Stay younger, look great, and feel better

Last but not least is the amazing affect it can have on keeping you looking younger and living longer.

Growth hormones are responsible for a lot of things in our bodies but one of those has to do with just overall longevity. Having higher growth hormone levels is extremely beneficial.

It helps to maintain physical health long term. Leading to being able to live a longer life while being physically capable to engage with life on a day to day basis.

So if you’re ready to give SIT a try, make sure to pick up a fresh pair of shoes that are actually made for sprinting! For all of the best competition running shoes ranked, rated, reviewed, and with the cheapest prices, I always go here.

At the very least, make sure you have a solid running shoe with adequate support that isn’t too worn down to prevent shin splints.


Make sure you also heed these treadmill running tips to optimize your running experience.

Disclaimer:  Before starting any new fitness program check with your physician before beginning any new workout program.

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Do you incorporate SIT in your cardio routine? 

What are some benefits you’ve experienced?


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    Molly Haas December 12, 2019 (1:07 am)

    Great tips. I don’t know if you have ever done Body Pump or not? They offer this class for free at my gym, and I love it for strength training (I just have to watch the leg exercises when I am training for a race). My plan for this morning: 7 miles, then Body Pump. No intervals for me this week, I am running a 5k on Saturday!

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