Convenient At Home Workouts Anyone Can Do

If you need at home workouts that are convenient then try this one which helps strengthen your entire body.

If you are short or time, just getting back to working out, or just getting started, these convenient exercises will show you the basics of workouts and get you started.  You won't need a gym membership for these. #athome #health #fitness #exercise #workouts #womenshealth

Not everyone can get to the gym, but home workouts may be a great alternative.  Below are 10 exercises you can do in privacy and nearly all of them can be done with very little gear.

Core Workouts

1) Planks: There are several varieties of plank, including the side plank and modified side plank for those just starting out. In addition to strengthening your core, planks build strength in your arms.

2) Reverse Crunches: For reverse crunches you only need a yoga mat and a willing heart. Lie on your back with your knees bent, toes slightly lifted. Place your hands beneath your lower back to support it.  Curl your lower body and knees toward your abs and chest.  Return legs to the floor.

3) Stability Ball Walkout: If you have a stability ball, it can be used for several core workouts. For the Walkout, lay your body over the ball with your arms extended in a pushout position. Walk your hands out, holding your torso rigid and your legs straight. The further out you walk, the more you have to work your core. Now walk back to the original position. Don’t let your back sag!

Arm Workouts

1) Biceps Curl: If you invest in a set of workout bands, bicep curls can become part of your routine. Find the halfway point of the band and stand on it with one or both feet. Let your arms rest at your sides, then curl your hands up to your shoulders.

2) Chest Press: Find a sturdy post or stair rail. Loop the band around the post at shoulder height and turn your back to it.  Place your right foot forward and press your hands forward. For a harder workout, step further from the post. Switch feet to even up the exercise.

3) Shadow-Boxing: Place one foot on the center of the band and lean into that foot. Curl your arms across your body as though you’re boxing. Again, switch feet. It’s a good idea to invest in lifting gloves to protect your hands.

Leg Workouts

1) Bodyweight Squats: These can be easily done either free-standing, off of a chair or at a counter if you need balance assistance. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and lower your bottom until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Squeeze your buttocks and stand back up. As you get stronger, you can add a hop at the top.

2) Plie Squats: Stand with your feet wider than your shoulders and your toes out. Lower your bottom until your thighs are parallel to the floor and stand back up.

3) Plie Squats with Calf Raises: Start in a squat as described in the step above. While squatting, raise your heels and hold for two seconds.

4) Curtsy lunges: From a standing position, step back diagonally and bend the back knee, lowering your body until the knee touches the floor.

AT HOME WORKOUT ANYONE CAN DOCheck out this convenient at home workout anyone can do even if you are just getting off the couch, just starting or getting back to it. #nogymworkout #bodyweightworkout #athome #health #fitness #exercise #workouts #womenshealth



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