Post-Holiday Detox

If you indulged a little too much this holiday season follow these strategies to detox.

The holidays are a time for self-indulgence; we buy gifts for ourselves as a treat and for others to show that we care. The downside of the holidays is food and alcohol. The food is very heavy; it’s high in calorie, full of sugar, fats, leaves you feeling bloated and sleepy. It’s hard not to eat when any house you go to will have delicious meals, cakes, sweets. Before you know it your munching on something every couple of minutes. Well the holidays have passed and now it is time to detox and help your body recover.

Meal Plan

First off, you need to have regular a meal time, during the holidays you’ve nibbling on something during the whole day and now you need to get your body used to eating at specific times. Eat a well-balanced breakfast that will contain one third of your daily calorie need.

Try adding vegetable soup to your lunch and dinner. For lunch try eating lean proteins and avoid foods with processed flower.

Make your dinners light; avoid spicy, high calorie food, big portions, food with flower and opt for soups and fresh foods.

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Light Fresh Foods

Eating fresh foods will fill you up without that heavy feeling in your stomach. Also, they are full of vitamins, nutrients and fibre that will help your digestive tract. It is important to realise that you need to cut down on the spices for some time, as well.

You can make a fruit or a veggie salad without adding a lot of salt, oil or spices because the natural juices will be the dressing.

To motivate yourself order a fruit hamper for a healthy meal, keep the hamper and keep adding fruits while keeping it in plain sight and close reach.



Since alcohol dehydrates the body you need to drink plenty of water to make up for it and you can add lime or lemon juice to the water to help. Eat veggies and fruits like tomatoes, ginger, bananas, spinach and asparagus to revitalize your liver.

Avoid processed foods high in sugar because you don’t want to add more work for your liver. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries not only detoxify your liver but your whole body.  

Burdock effectively cleans the blood from toxins, but though you can buy burdock teas to get the effect you want it is suggested that you eat the burdock root. And artichokes have acids and antioxidants that also stimulate bile production and is said to aid to liver cell regeneration.

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Teas will not only cleanse your body, but they will also help you get enough water and are delicious. More or less any type of tea has its own benefits so you should drink them as much as you can.

For example, milk thistle has shown to help the liver cleanse itself and some evidence suggests that it helps boost the production of liver cells.

Dandelion is thought to help with bile production which helps detoxify the liver. Triphala tea aids in bowel movement so it can help with that heavy feeling after a feast. And mint tea helps with bloating and calms you down.


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Are you still recovering from the holidays?  What’s your best post-holiday detox method?

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