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Push It #Workout

This is one I dug up from last year.  It is a tried and true and I hope you all enjoy it!  Please leave a comment on how you did and feel after this workout. Equipment Needed: Water Towel Positive attitude Balance ball Cable machine Dumbbells First Set Exercise Reps Weight Cable machine – squats, shoulder presses 10...


Who doesn't use deodorant in this day and age.  Actually if you fail to do so you might get some strange stares ESPECIALLY in the gym or fitness class.  At the same time there are several studies and results linking deodorant to breast cancer.  Pretty scare if you ask me.  Do what you need to do to protect you and your health. Stay healthy.

Detox Day 9

Drum roll 9 of the detox (actually I lost count) but BOY oh BOY what a rush!  I mean it is interesting to take a shot and get an energy boost that lasts more than an hour.  The bitter taste takes a little to get used to but now I can take my shot with no problem.  The bitter taste no longer bothers my taste buds. My body ...