7 Best Fitness Trackers Under $100

7 Best Fitness Trackers Under $100

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There’s an old saying in business management that says “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” and it seems the fitness industry has well and truly acted on that advice, given the explosion in the fitness tracker market recently.

Using a fitness tracker, or activity tracker as they are often referred to, allows you to closely track and measure your workouts and a range of other metrics in real-time. If you are serious about getting results, it really is a must-have item because there’s more to losing weight and keeping fit than eating well and exercising regularly. It takes discipline and consistency, both of which are key benefits to using a fitness tracking device!

With so many tracker options on the market, how do you know the best one to purchase? Perhaps more importantly, what models are available at a price that isn’t going to put a gaping hole in your pocket?

As it turns out, there are a range of fantastic activity trackers that you can pick-up for under $100 so let’s take a look!

Jawbone UP2

Jawbone UP2

When it comes to features, Jawbone is incomparable to its more superior brother, the Charge HR. However, it is solid accurate activity tracker, comfortable and good looking for the price. All the basics has been nailed down and a few design medications have been added.

Key Features: Steps, smart alarm, sleep

Price: $99 on Amazon.com and Jawbone.com

Moov Now

Moov Now

Moov Now is a fitness tracker that is perfect for swimming and one of many models on the market that are fully waterproof. It is small and perfect to be clipped on your leg and put to a strap. A smartphone is needed for activity tracking.

Key Features: Tracks sleeping and daily activity, counts reps, has vocal feedback, 12 guided workouts, third-party heart-rate monitor and many more fantastic features.

Price: $99.

Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash

A tight budget will not be an excuse once you see the price tag of Misfit Flash. The features of this watch are the same as the more expensive options (Misfit Shine/Swarovski Shine). The only difference is it is made of plastic.

Key Features: Steps, swim-proof, long battery life, sleep

Price: $24.99 at the online store misfit.com and Amazon.com

Jawbone UP Move

Jawbone UP Move

A clip-on such as Jawbone UP Move can help you track activities, steps and sleep in just one touch of a button. There is a feature where you can select the activity that you will be performing from cycling, running, yoga to zumba.

Key Features: Steps, sports tracking, sleep monitoring.

Price: $49.99 at Jawbone.com or Amazon.com

Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band

Mi Band is a very capable band that comes with a great price. This is the fitness tracker that has sold millions in China alone.

Key Features: Sleep, steps, incoming call alerts, smart alarm

Price: $14.99 at xiaomishop.com and amazon.com

Garmin Vivofit 2

Garmin Vivofit

Garmin Vivofit 2 can be connected with MyFitnessPal app and has a strong support group of Garmin’s connect community, which makes this watch a good choice for those people who want to lose weight. Aside from the basic features of a fitness watch, it will also remind you to move around every hour or so and create step goals base on your activities.

Key Features: Sleep, steps, activity counting, bpm.

Price: $99.99 at garmin.com or amazon.com

LifeTrak C200 Core

LifeTrak C200 Core

LifeTrak C200 Core can track heart rate without a heart rate monitor by using ECG. Counts distance by utilizing their patented dynamic distance calibration. It knows the difference between running, jogging and walking strides.

Key Features: Steps, heart rate, distance

Price: $37 at amazon.com

Summing Up

There are numerous fitness trackers on the market under $100 that will give you the comfort that you need at a price that you can afford. Pick one that is suitable for your lifestyle. Do not forget to pick colors that will your personality, but if you’re really serious about achieving your fitness goals, start measuring your daily output!

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