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Keep On – D Train Video

If you do not have this on your playlist - it is an awesome workout song!  Yes it is from the 80's....and right when I am about to give up on push ups....the chorus chimes in!  

Fitness Idol – Erin Stern

Erin Stern is absolutely AMAZING!  I first came across her while reading several of the fitness magazines I subscribe to.  What I admire about her is her athleticism, competitiveness and physique.  She has been on too many covers and fitness contests to count. Check her out.

In The Gym with Jaquelyn Kastelic

I first read about Jaquelyn in a fitness magazine.  It was near the end of last year and there was this article about a petite woman who lifts MASSIVE weights so I read her story.  I was impressed with her ever since.  I have "liked" her page on Facebook, figured out when I will be able to try her Crossfit "box" located in Virginia (haven't ...