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Lifestyle Reorientation Planning

We all have more than just one role in our lives – we’re at the same time hardworking business people, 24/7 parents, best friends, pet owners, housekeepers, caring spouses and lot more. While this variety makes the life exciting, fulfilled and amazingly generous, it often comes with a lack of sleep, anxiety and thousands of other bad ...

Simple Green Smoothies’ 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Did I tell you I can be hyper and therefore entered THIS challenge along with participating in my own? I found this site last year and TOTALLY love Jadah and Jen!  Their recipes are easy to make, not overly complicated, are healthy for you and simply AMAZING!  Yes I said it.  From one mean green smoothie drinker (moi) I can say they are on ...

Noon Fitness Flash Challenge – Eat salad

  Noon Fitness Flash:  Eat at least 2 salads today (light on the dressing)      Motivating you to Fierce, Fit and Fabulous! Follow us on Instagram @Femmefitalefitclub Have fun with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FemmeFitaleFitness