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Noon Fitness Flash Challenge – Eat salad

  Noon Fitness Flash:  Eat at least 2 salads today (light on the dressing)      Motivating you to Fierce, Fit and Fabulous! Follow us on Instagram @Femmefitalefitclub Have fun with us on Facebook at

Rant Post – Put Down Those Weights

Ok I am just gonna have to put this out there put down those puny weights.  First let me say I applaud all of the women who want to work on improving their strength by including weights into their workout program. Losing weight is not made by cardio alone.  Muscle burns FAT and increases the metabolism so the more you build the ...

Workout Wednesday Link Up – Taco Salad

For this week's Workout Wednesday Link Up I decided to share a delicious taco salad my running buddy told me about.  It's quick, inexpensive and EASY!!!     We went running on the NCR Trail a few weeks ago and on our way home stopped by Wegmans to pick up a few ingredients to make this salad POP!  Did I also say it was very FILLING?  ...