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My Healthy Hair Care Regimen and Products

Hey Femme Fitale Family!!!!  I am posting sort of a non-conventional post today.  I get inquiries every week about my healthy hair care regimen and products so I thought I would share it with you all.  I am a simple woman and I don't have a bunch of time to fuss with elaborate hairstyles so I basically keep it simple. [Tweet "Want to know my ...

Who Run The World?

Today started off as a very good day.  Got up, got dressed, picked up my neighbor and started Sanders Optimum Fitness boot camp - Week 2.  Our warm up was a walk/jog/sprint to get in our first mile.  Pheewwww I'm used to that later on in the session!  It was good though - I never walk now because I will never catch up if I do.  We did ...

CCF Upper Body Circuit With Plyometric Ab Sculpting

Recently received an email to view this and I am hooked!  I can see myself working this out in the gym!  Let me know if you plan to try this workout.  Go hard or go home!  Let's GO!