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31 Days To New Year’s December Challenge – Day 1

Hey everybody - how is everyone doing with our new challenge this month?  I know it reads like a challenge, and it IS, but you can do it.  No challenge, no change is one of my most favorite fitness quotes. Here are some things to remember as you participate in this month's challenge: 1.  Drink lots of water 2.  Know your limits, ...

Heart Attack

That is what it felt like I was having when I sprinted my way around the gym today in boot camp.  This is the 4th week of boot camp and our instructor took it up a notch to TEST us on everything we should have improved upon from week 1.  Whether this was your first boot camp or your 21st, we got it in today. Test #1 Run a mile in under 10 ...

Burn a Quick 100 Calories

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