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7 Amazing Exercises for a Full Body Workout

Try these 7 amazing total body exercises that won't require any equipment, just body weight. As you can imagine, there are so many exercises and variations, it’s sure to make you dizzy but don’t fret, we have compiled a list of some of the most effective total body exercises. You will find that these exercises have a lot in common such as ...

100 Push Up Variations

Are you bored with doing push ups the same old way?  Well Mike Volkin, Founder of Stack 52, came up with an illustration of many more push up variations that is sure to get you working muscles you never knew you had. Which push up variation do you plan to try?  

Get a Beach Body in Half the Time

The warm weather is upon us and the skimpy clothes are coming out of the closet.  If you always wanted to look great in skimpy clothes but didn’t want to spend an hour a day at the gym, then use the below time-saving workout tips to tone up and look great. Ditch the treadmill warm up and do a bodyweight circuit instead – Instead of ...