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The Body-Positive Guide to Working Out

Check out this body positive guide to working out and body image. There’s plenty of body-shaming to go around in this world—and unfortunately, we in the fitness community aren’t always immune. The vision of a slimmer, more attractive you makes for a powerful motivator, and why not? After all, one of the perks of working out is that you ...

5 Reasons Why Skinny Is Not All That

Let me start by saying this article is not an indictment on anyone who is naturally inclined to be skinny, slim or thin. I want to speak to the mounds of people who are striving to make their bodies look and do something it naturally can’t or won’t do – be skinny. We see it all around us, signs and messages suggesting that being ...

#Weightloss Before and Afters Part III

FFFC has some awesome interviews by women who graciously agreed to share their journey with us.  Before and afters are our favorite because it shows what determination and commitment can produce - GREATNESS!!!!!            

#Weightloss Before and Afters Part II

Let's try this again and inspire others to make the first step towards living a fit and healthy life!                  

Before and Afters

Who else gets inspired by before and after photos?  I know I do so thought I would share a few I found!  INSPIRING!