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There’s a new bar in town and I am not talking about the place where you go and chill out with Norm from Cheers.  The ActivMotion Bar is a revolution of the standard body bar and is taking exercise to the next level.

Disclaimer:  I received compensation and a complimentary ActivMotion Bar and workout DVDs to use and review via affiliation with Sweat Pink.  As always all opinions in this post are my own.

I am always game for adding quality equipment to my home gym arsenal so when this opportunity presented itself I was giddy like a child in a toy store at Christmas time because if there is something to help raise the intensity level of my workouts, I want to try it.

ActivMotion Bar and DVDs #activmotionbar

Right on time after the holidays, my ActivMotion Bar and exercise DVDs arrived.  The bar weight I received was a 6 pound bar but they have a range of weighted bars starting at 6 pounds going up to 18 pounds.  Let me tell you – I totally underestimated the 6 pound bar because the secret behind this awesome ActivMotion Bar is what’s inside.

There are small metal balls inside the bar which make it unstable.  The goal is to maintain balance with the bar as you hold it while executing your exercises.  Sounds easy enough?  Trust me, it is a challenge.  When you raise the bar overhead, up to your belly button or shoulders, those balls are constantly moving and challenging your own balance.

I went through the exercise DVDs that came with the ActivMotion Bar and tried the workouts.

Day 1:  I did not know what to expect but once I start I got into the rhythm of things.  I started off with the beginner  DVD just in case and I am happy I did.  It gave me a chance to figure how to use it.

Jan 29 workout

Day 2:  I was feeling pretty confident so I went up to the next level workout and almost regretted it but I eventually got the hang of the more complex moves.  Granted I let a day or so go by to rest from the first workout but I could still feel the after effects – SORE CORE!

ActivMotion Bar Workout #activmotionbar #sweatpink

Here are some of the moves I did with the ActivMotion Bar and you can check out their full library of motion HERE.

ActivMotion Bar Forward hamstring hinge #activmotionbar

Forward hinge

ActivMotion Bar Skaters #activmotionbar


ActivMotion Bar Overhead side toe tap #activmotionbar

Overhead side toe tap

ActivMotion Bar Side Lunges #activmotionbar

Side lunges

You see how challenging these moves become with this ActivMotion Bar?  To see if it would further past the test I had my husband try it who since he considers himself a hardcore gym buff and HE was challenged with this 6 pound bar too.  I don’t have any photos of him working out with the bar but trust me when I tell you – he was off balance a lot during his workout.

I would like to challenge all of you reading this to try this bar and see how much stronger you become in the core area after using it.  I know I am loving this bar and am very excited it is part of my home gym now.

What I liked:

  • It intensifies any regular exercise as you work to keep the bar stabilized
  • It comes in a variety of weights so you can take it up a notch when you are ready
  • It comes with a set of 5 DVDs to help get you familiar with the ActivMotion Bar and to give you a challenging workout

What could be better:

  • Nothing!  The ActivMotion Bar is the truth.  It is redefining exercise.


I give this bar 10 out of 10.

Where to buy:

Purchase your own ActivMotion Bar directly from their website at

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Would you want to try the ActivMotion Bar?  Which exercise would you try first with it?

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