Product Review: March Love With Food Snack Box

March Love With Food Snack Box Curated By Megan Roosevelt Open Box

Disclaimer:  I was compensated through my affiliation with Sverve to write an honest review of the March Love With Food Snack Subscription Box.  As always, all opinions, thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations are my very own.  In other words, you are going to get an honest review, regardless of compensation.  🙂

To all of my friends who are in “Love With Food” (pun intended) and  love to snack, have I got a great find for you.  If you have been reading this blog over the past year you know that I have grown to truly enjoy subscription boxes and I have also tried to find more healthy snacks to eat that will fuel my body without overloading it with calories.  I was sent the March Love With Food Snack Box and I am very impressed.

Before I get into my review here is a brief description about Love With Food and how it works.

Love With Food is a curated box chock full of hard-t0-find, organic and/or all-natural products delivered directly to your door monthly.  Each box may have a seasonal theme and for every box sold, they donate a meal to several food banks including “Feeding America Network” and “Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry”.  In my honest opinion I find that truly awesome and amazing and give extra brownie points (no pun intended) for any organization that gives back to the community.

Love With Food offers 3 types of boxes you can order:

  • The Tasting Box for as low as $10/month
  • Deluxe Box for as low as $17/month
  • Gluten Free Box for as low as $24.50/month

Depending on the box ordered, you can expect to receive anywhere between 8-12 snacks in The Tasting and Gluten Free Box and  16-20 snacks in the Deluxe Box.

Once you order, Love With Food will donate 1 to 2 meals to feed hungry children in America. The other best part of this subscription snack box is all of the healthy, all-natural, organic or gluten free snack-a-licious goodies you are surprised with each month.

I received the March Love With Food Tasting Box and was blown away by the amount of goodies inside.  I opened the box and pulled out the pamphlet and read that it was curated by Megan Roosevelt, Founder of Healthy Grocery Girl and Registered Dietitian.

March Love With Food pamphlet with Megan Roosevelt

Sounds good to me!  I then went to town pulling out the snacks.  By the way, this month’s meals will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank.  Here’s what was inside in no particular order.

March Love With Food Box Opening

  • Annie’s Chocolate Bunny Grahams – Who didn’t love graham crackers as a child?  These are made with organic whole wheat flower and contain 8 grams of whole grain in every serving.

Annie's Chocolate Bunny Grahams

Turbana Plantain Chips

  • Hemp Hearts by Manitoba Harvest – I have tried these hemp hearts in the past and they are fabulous and very versatile.  You can sprinkle these on salads, in smoothies or yogurt and get a nice boost of plant-based protein.

Hemp Hearts by Manitoba Harvest

  • Roasted Chickpeas with Sea Salt by The Good Bean – I have tried these roasted chickpeas in the past and trust me when I say, if you want a nice crunch without a bunch of calories, this snack is calling your name.  One serving of these chickpeas contains 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber.  While I’m typing this let me continue munching on these.  🙂

The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas with Sea Salt

  • Almond Butter Cacao Truffle by Two Moms in The Raw – I am excited to try these because I have heard great things about cacao and I eat raw almond butter just on general principle (it’s DELICIOUS especially on raw apple slices).  This decadent truffle contains everything organic.

Almond Butter Cacao Truffle by Two Moms in the Raw

  • Nutty Rice Bites with CRanberries by 180 Snacks – As a child I was never a rice crispies fan unless there was a ton of sugar in it because I found the rice – PLAIN tasting and bland.  The cranberries in these takes it a few levels above bland but if you eat rice cakes then you may enjoy these little bites.

Nutty Rice Bites with Cranberries by 180 Snacks

  • Choco Chews by Trujoy Sweets – When I first pulled these out of the box they reminded me of Tootsie Rolls!  I got extremely excited because happy thoughts from my childhood filled my head.  The best part about these – they are vegan, gluten-free and organic.  *Happy Dance*

Choco Chews by Trujoy Sweets

  • Moringa Organic Tea by Miracle Tree – Now this tea right here IS hard to find.  I have gone into several of my local health food and grocery stores and can NOT find this tea on the shelf.  I am so glad that Love With Food sent it directly to my home in this box because the search is now over.  This tea is USDA Organic.

Moringa Tea by Miracle Tree

  • Sea Salt Bops by Good Boy Organics – Can you believe there is such a thing as delicious, traditional-tasting potato chips that are organic and gluten-free?  Not only do these taste like some of my favorites where I can’t only eat just one, they are non-GMO.

Sea Salt Bops by Good Boy Organics

  • Urban Remedy $10 Gift Card – I know this isn’t an edible snack per se but I had to mention it because it came in the box and you can use it to purchase snacks made by Urban Remedy directly.  This gift card is a BIG BONUS in my book.

Urban Remedy $10 Gift Card

This box came full with 8 snacks plus gift card and coupons which I think is a great value.  This box is $10/month and the March Box came with a $10 gift card alone so the box already paid for itself.

March Love With Food Box coupons


  • Boxes are specially curated and delivered to your door for convenience
  • Each box contains a variety of healthy, organic or gluten-free snacks to improve your noshing
  • For each box purchased, Love With Food will donate a meal to feed hungry children
  • Is filled with products with value that far outweigh the cost of the box


  • Their boxes may contain hard-to-find items which can get frustrating if you have a taste for something but can’t just run out to the store and buy it


I give this box a 10 stars out of 10 stars.  Several of the snacks I tried I can vouch for are GOOD.  The variety of food in the box is very nice and being socially conscious is a MUST and plus and shows me that not only do they care about what goes into their box and our bodies, they want to make a significant difference in the world.


The good stuff doesn’t stop here with me sharing this amazing snack box without offering you a chance to get it for yourself.  Love With Food is offering all of YOU a FREE BOX just by clicking HERE.  All you pay is $2 shipping and handling.

Which of these snacks would you want to try first?

March Love With Food Snack Box Bottom

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