Outrun Cancer

My first and last 5K race was the Susan G. Komen race in 2005 I did while employed at Erickson Living.  It was a nice Fall day and I was so invigorated and exhilirated!  I mean I had a real sense of accomplishment PLUS I raised money for a worthy cause.  Fast forward to 2012 (boy how time flies) and I am contemplating signing up and raising money for the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge race in Baltimore, MD.

Another Femme Fitale asked for people to join her for this race and I really want to but this is what is holding me back from committing.

1.  What if I can’t remain consistent with the training schedule?

2.  What if life overwhelms and I can’t participate after committing?

3.  Are their hills?  How many?  Are they really steep?  🙂

4.  Do I really have time for this in September when I am ALSO participating in the American Heart Association Walk/Run in October for work?

5.  That is a major go-live weekend for work.  I mean MAJOR implementation – how can I run in a race when my team will be in the office working on a major deployment?

With all of these crazy thoughts I think I AM going to sign up and do something for someone other than myself.  It is a worthy cause and promotes good health!

You may want to consider signing up for the race too!  Leave a comment below if you do.  Maybe I will see you there.

For race details please visit their website:  http://www.gpccbaltimore.com/

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