NCR Trail Aftermath

Earlier today I posted I was headed out to the trail with another Femme Fitale.  We ended arriving there around 8:15 am and the trail was already packed with bikes, children, seniors, race runners and a couple who were bouncing around on a strange looking bouncy shoe.  I’ll post a photo below…anyone ever seen these things?  Looked really strange.  BUT I digress.

We started at the 1/2 mile mark and walked to the 1 mile marker.  We then started running and ran to the 3 mile marker and turned around and ran back for a total of 5 miles with 4 of them ran.  I posted my time on as usual which calculates your pace and mph average run speed.

Here is a photo of the aftermath….do I look pooped?  That’s because I WAS!!!!!!  But I finished and so I am happy to say I would have made my mother proud who taught me to always finish what I started.

BTW the other Fittie almost missed me when she was nearing the end of her run because she said she saw a coiled black snake on the side of the trail.  I must have been too tired to see it because I didn’t.  Fun times!

Where is your favorite place to run?


I gotta learn how to be more photogenic after working out!  LOL!

Clothing worn:  Under Armour Semi-fitted Heatgear women’s running shirt, Asics, and Champion bottoms from Target.

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