Homemade Stir Fry

In support of this week’s Femme Fitale challenge I made a stir fry meal for myself and family.  Stir fries are great because they are quick, easy and delicious.  I bought the veggie precut at Wegmans (I love that grocery store) and added my own protein (chicken breast cut in 1-inch pieces) and sauce (low sodium of course) and voila…a filling meal.

I take it for lunch and it keeps me full until the next mid-afternoon snack.  Try it and let me know how you do.

Equipment needed:

1. Wok


Stir fry vegetables – 1 container of mixed vegetables

Chicken breast – 1 lb

Cooked brown rice

Sesame oil – 1 TB

Instruction:  Pour sesame oil in wok and heat.  Add vegetables and saute for 7 minutes.  Remove vegetables from pan and add chicken until well cooked.  Re-add vegetables and sauce of your choice (try to use low sodium).  Stir repeatedly for another 10 minutes.  Cook until the vegetables are crunchy, not overcooked and soggy.

Serve over brown rice.

 Stir fried vegetables

Chicken breast with red pepper flakes.  I add red pepper flakes on everything.

Cooked my brown rice in my handy Pampered Chef food steamer.

Bon appétite!


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