#FitnessFriday – Christmas

#FitnessFriday Weekly Workout Recap

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season and Christmas day.  I know our family had a load of FUN from playing Heads Up, the card game SPOONS to opening up presents around 7:30 am Christmas morning.  We had a lot of laughter and great memories and that is what holidays are all about.  While this week was very busy (I worked Christmas Eve up normal business hours) that doesn’t mean I didn’t work out or get my fitness in, it just means I didn’t work out as often but that is ok because the alternative was spending quality time with family.  Balance is always key.

Let me dig in and share my workouts this week.

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I ran with my running boo’s and we ran a little shy of 4.5 miles.  It was very cold and I realize I need a Winter running coat but another thing I realize is my nose runs a lot when I run in the cold.  If anyone has a remedy to help curb or better manage that, it would be great because I sometimes forget to bring tissue and end up using my sleeve (I know gross) but desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Running route #runner #runningmother #motherrunner #runchat


I am still going strong with my Fitbit Charge (review coming soon) and also captured the # of steps.  Since I removed it to charge it fully I literally had minimal steps before the run so this pretty much captured it.  One of my goals for running is to really improve my average speed.  I have run 5K’s with a sub-10 minute mile pace so I know I can do it – I just need to do it consistently.

Fitbit Charge #findyourfit #fitbit


I had another great running session with my running boo’s.  We ran one of our old routes from back in the day which has a killer hill around mile 4.5 which means you have to push extra hard to get through it.  Unfortunately my poor phone died at mile 2.5 because I failed to charge it the night before so these are the stats I was able to salvage from my Adidas miCoach Fit Smart fitness watch (review coming soon).  I agree with all of the stats listed below EXCEPT the calorie burn.  I know my body and at 139 lbs I do not burn that many calories averaging that heart rate at my 44 years of age.


Running statistic on Adidas miCoach Fit Smart #runchat #running #motherrunner


I normally workout with my trainer on Tuesdays but her mother was sick and could not watch her young beautiful son but no problem – I just hit the pavement with my running boo’s.  It was a good run!  I also test drove the Adidas miCoach Fit Smart on this day.  I LOVE the fact I do not need a chest strap.  This is about to spoil me for real.  Review on this fitness gadget coming soon!

Brick Bodies Workout #micoach #hrm #fitnesswatch


This workout was the bomb.  It included 5 exercises  in the circuit and all you do is complete 7 sets starting with 3 reps in the first set and once you begin the 2nd set, increase the reps by 3.  Here is the workout:

Very Merry Christmas Workout #christmas #workout #squats #planks

Disclaimer: This workout was created by a certified trainer based on my current fitness level. Please adjust weight or motion based upon your fitness level. Always consult a physician before starting any new training program.


No workout because it was raining outside and I just didn’t feel like going to the gym.  I did eat this delicious kale and barley salad from a local restaurant.

Kale and Barley Salad #saladjam #salad #kale



No workout – just opened presents and hung out with family.  Merry Christmas.

Christmas Tree #christmastree #merrychristmas



I tried a barre class for the first time and I am so excited.  It was TOUGH!  Who knew small movements could work you over so good?  I will spill the tea on the class in a future post.

Barre class #barre #pilates #yoga

Just know according to the Adidas miCoach Fit Smart my average heart rate was 105 and calorie burn 634 (WRONG).

micoach average heart rate micoach barre calorie burn

See, even with the holidays, last minute shopping and working on Christmas Eve – you can get it in.

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This week I put together a collection of fitness trackers and activity trackers because I have found tracking my workouts is helping me set some REAL measurable goals that I can now track and trend improvements.  That is part of my 2015 goals (more on that in a future post).  Here are a few trackers that you may find good for you.  I find it is up to individual tastes and goals so there isn’t a 1 tracker fits all type of thing.  Take a gander and shop til you drop!!

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