All I Do Is Win


Honestly – that is not true.  I do not always win or am number one in everything I do.  Sometimes I stop trying or I come in dead last.  But either way when it comes to this fitness thing I do not always feel as if I have to “win” against someone.  I typically compete with myself.  I test myself to see how far I can push a weight or how fast I can actually sprint.  I still haven’t captured my sprint on a recording but I plan to.  Can I mimic it on a treadmill or would I just pass out trying?

Either way when it comes to a workout and getting stronger – the key is actually to FAIL!  I know counterintuitive right?  I mean who really wants to fail?  It reminds you have not achieving, reaching a goal or disappointing someone – mainly yourself.  But when it comes to working out, building muscle, building endurance and strength – the key to all of that is failure.  Failure pushes your body to the brink that it is forced to recover but once it does – it rebuilds bigger, stronger, with enhanced agility and endurance.  That is a good thing.  One day you notice you fail running up a hill.  With persistence and consistence you then notice you are sprinting up that hill barely out of breath.


That is all because you failed so when it comes to fitness – to WIN is actually to FAIL and with the right mindset and attitude you will not be hurt or devastated by failing because you know it is making you stronger.

What new mindset have you adopted as a result of your fitness lifestyle?

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