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FFFC January Challenges: Everything But The Kitchen Sink

January is a wonderful month you know why?  Because everything feels like a big do-over!  You get to start the year off right and fresh.  It is also the month people tend to recommit to a healthy way of living.  Promises abound rededicating to exercise, eating right and cutting out or at least minimizing the bad habits picked up over time, ...

Gimme A BEET Juice Recipe

Everyone who knows me KNOWS I love me some beet juice.  Yes ma'am!!  It provides nutrients such as folate, potassium (to help me with these Charlie Horses), beta carotene and a wealth of others nutrients and benefits.  It also is excellent for energy and waste elimination.  Yup I said it - it makes you GO but in a very good way.  So let's ...

Happy New Year!

Have the best 2013 you can have.  Make the most of each and every day!  God bless you all!  FFFC is taking this to the next level this year so stick around and see what we have in store.