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Fitness Idol – Strong Like Susan

Strong like Susan is phenomenal.  They are all very challenging and based on reading her bio she is also a professional trainer.   I first saw and read about her on and have been hooked on her videos every since.  She calls herself your youtube video trainer and she is NO JOKE! You can read more about her HERE! Her workouts are ...

Workout Attire

When I first started working out I did not know any better and went for the cheapest items I could find from tops, bottoms, socks and shoes.  Now that I know that workout clothes should allow you to breathe (and cheap fabric doesn't allow for that) I have begun studying my attire selections much more closely and realize what works for me as far ...

Walking Workout

Incorporating cardio into any workout routine is a very good bet as it revs up the metabolism, burns fat and helps to strengthen the heart.  I found the following routine on which is one of my go-to sites for tough cardio routines. Who knew walking could be so heart pounding?  ENJOY!