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1996 BABY!

I love watching the Olympic Games because of the sportsmanship, competition, triumph, defeat and athleticism.  I also like it because it brings back good memories  - I performed in the 1996 Olympic Opening Ceremonies as a "stepper"!  I remember the months of practice outside in the hot stadium.  I remember knowing the words to all the songs by ...

Fitness Idol – Lori (Lolo) Jones

She is an American track and field athlete who specialized in the hurdle.   She has been making headlines lately.  She is a SERIOUS athlete (well what athlete isn't serious?) and she is Femme Fitale's fitness idol.  Check out her video on Oxygen Magazine.  She is also glossing the covers of this month's edition of Oxygen Magazine.  She is the ...

Represent Your Clique

I want to know where the readers of this blog are located.  Feel free to respond to this poll! [polldaddy poll=6280832]