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Featured Fitale Karissa

FFFC:  Please introduce yourself to our readers. K:  Hi, I’m Karissa. I’m 30 and was born and raised in San Diego County where I still live. I’ve been married to my high school boyfriend for ten years and we have an 8 year old daughter Isabella. [Tweet "Read about Karissa and her stroke recovery at the age of 25. #healthyliving ...

Welcome to the FFFC Runners’ Series

This month Femme Fitale Fit Club will be offering a new series of weekly interviews. Welcome to our Runners’ Series! We are excited to bring you four interviews this month from runners at all different levels. I recently read about the following benefits of running on Check out these ways that running can make you healthier: ...

My Meal

In keeping with this week's challenge I am eating salad and baked salmon.  Based on an article I read - it suggested eating salmon at least twice a week for the healthy fats and protein benefits. What are you eating tonight?